So whenever anyone would ask me where I DIDN’T want to go on a mission, my answer was always “South America.” Hey, guess where I’m going on my mission? ARGENTINA, ROSARIO. The most southern country in South America. Heavenly Father definitely has a sense of humor.

But minus the fact that this wasn’t initially my ideal place, I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED TO SHARE THE GOSPEL WITH THE PEOPLE OF ARGENTINA.

As soon as I got over the initial shock, I totally knew that this is exactly where I am supposed to go. All those doubts and fears that I had leading up to it were completely replaced by excitement and confidence.

The whole opening of the call was super special. The whole family gathered around the kitchen table (virtually, of course) and watched as I dramatically opened up the big white envelope. I skipped ahead to see the place, of course (doesn’t everyone do that?) and I’m pretty sure everyone could just tell that I was going somewhere that I least expected. Which it was. Not one person guessed that I would be going here. But this is the biggest test of my faith that I have ever gone through, so I am going to put as much of my trust in the Lord AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE.

But now that I’m done calling everyone and posting the news on Facebook, it’s down to business. I have to get my visa, shop for clothes, learn Spanish, read the Book of Mormon, read Preach My Gospel, go on splits with the sister missionaries, and get every necessary supply, ALL IN A MONTH IN A HALF.

I wanted to get out in the field as soon as possible, but now that it’s down to it, my stress levels are going up every single day. But if the Lord wants me on my mission on December 31st, I’m perfectly confident that He will make it happen!

Every day it hits me that, HEY, I’m going to be living in ARGENTINA. And it never gets old. But then I realize that, wow, I get to teach people about Jesus Christ on the daily! I get to live in another country, experience a whole new culture, learn a completely new language, AND GROW IN SO MANY AMAZING WAYS.

God lives. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. The church is true!