Apostles and Pink Eye

Me and my companions the first night Me, Hermana Rossi, Brock and Rossi's friend ??????????????????????????????? The hermanas in my Zone

Buenas Tardes Familia!

Thank you all for writing me and keeping me informed on the happs of the outside world. It is seriously much appreciated.
I feel like my next few emails will be a bit dull because we literally do the same thing EVERY DAY but I’ll do my best to make these as interesting as possible.
The highlight of the week: RUSSEL M. NELSON CAME AND SPOKE TO US. We got a new MTC President so he came for Tuesday Night Devotional. He and his wife both gave amazing talks! When you’re a missionary, the talks given are just so much more exciting and get you so pumped to get out in the mission field!
Speaking of the mission field, I think I’m in for a HUGE culture shock. I forgot to tell you that one of the first things they gave us were filtered water bottles, because the water is so dirty there. I’ve also heard they use badays (i have know idea how to spell that) and that there may not be hot water. I’m hoping that all of these rumors are false, but even if they are, I’ll HOPEFULLY survive.
Downfall of the week: I got pink eye. IN BOTH EYES. So that was super hard to deal with, especially since all of the elders in my zone would sit a seat away from me in the cafeteria. But I luckily didn’t spread it to anyone else. What a blessing!
I was asked how church works here in the MTC. Well here’s how it goes: I have meetings (or “revelatory experiences” as my branch president calls them) the first part of the morning. Then the sisters get to watch Music and the Spoken Word (I feel like Mom and Dad on Sunday nights) then the sisters have relief society all together. Then we have sacrament meeting within our zones, and they call on two random people each week to give a talk in spanish (i luckily haven’t been called on yet). I’m also the zone pianist, which is kind of a big deal lol. Then we get to walk to the temple in the afternoon, and you always run into people you know and it’s the best thing ever. Then there’s a devotional that night and after devotional you get the option of watching a movie (like Meet the Mormons or Legacy). Sundays are the best, mainly because you actually don’t have to study, and they’re really spiritual and great. Everything is spiritual in the MTC though!
Oh yeah, so remember that investigator, Juvini, I talked about last week? Well we were just having such a hard time with him and couldn’t figure out if he was a member or what. And then last week, they tell us that we’re done teaching him. We were all actually really sad and devastated, until in walks Juvini and turns out, he’s actually our teacher, Hermano Roberts. They sure fooled us!
We now have two teachers though, and they are both amazing and I’m learning a lot.
I got to see Cassie Disner a few times, which was really great! She told me to tell you all hi, but she’s already out in the field! It seems like everyone’s already out in the field. I’m jealous of that, but I’ll be out there soon enough!
We teach all the time and are improving every lesson. There’s a lot more to teaching than I thought, but it really humbles you and requires you to trust in the Lord. I’m still in a trio, but we all get along really well and are learning how to work together.
I love you all and keep sending me emails, letters and Dear Elders. They make my day!

Talk to you soon!

Hermana Strong


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