I’m gonna be FAMOUS!!!

Cass at MTC??????????????????????????????? In front of temple  Zone in MTC

Hey everyone!!
Thank you for writing me this week! It’s been an eventful one!
For example, I’m sure you’re wondering what my subject line means.  WELL I’LL TELL YA.  Our district was specifically selected to be a part of a documentary, which will be played on a PBS like station in Italy and Argentina.  The documentary is about the church, so we are pretty much representing the entire church in all of Argentina and Italy. No pressure or anything.  They’ve been coaching us all week with practice interview questions, covering topics from gay marriage to what it’s like in the MTC.  It’s a huge deal and we are all freaking out, but I’m super excited.  Like what if I get to Argentina and they’re like “oh you’re that girl from tv!” hahaha.  The filming begins tomorrow so I’ll let you know how it goes.  Also, they said that they’ll send us the link to it when it’s done, so I’ll forward that on when the time comes.  Just feel privileged that you have a celebrity in your midst.  JUST KIDDING.
We also got to hear from another apostle this week!!  M. Russell Ballard came on Tuesday and it was awesome.  Something I really liked that he said was that whenever you’re feeling discouraged or sorry for yourself, write a letter to Joseph Smith as if you were cheering him up while he was in Liberty Jail.  It will make your burdens seem a whole lot lighter!
So remember that girl that took me away when I arrived at the MTC?  Well I was one of those sisters yesterday, which was fun.  Minus the fact that every single sister that I hosted was on the top floor so we had to carry all of her bags up there.  It was a good work out, that’s for sure.
I’m loving my companions, especially Hermana Rossi.  She’s pretty much the little sister I never had, because she knows how to push my buttons, but we’re like the same person at the same time.  I’m sorry for all those years I bugged you, Whitney and Megan.
So our teaching has improved SO MUCH this past week.  I’m learning what it means to really listen to the spirit.  And now, all of our investigators are finally starting to be receptive, and you can tell that they’re feeling the Holy Ghost.  It’s amazing.  My spanish is also improving a lot.  I don’t even use my notes during lessons, and I hardly use any english anymore in my prayers!  It’s awesome!
Well that’s about all I can think of for this week!  Serving a mission is the best thing ever.  It’s not a sacrifice, but an investment, because of all of the blessings that are coming out of it!
I love you all so much and can’t wait to hear from you throughout the week!
Con Amor,
Hermana Strong


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