English Fast

Well another week is done and gone here in Alberdi.  I had my first divisions this week, which meant I was with another companion for 24 hours.  Everyone was really surprised, because it was my first week, we’re doing a white wash, and I don’t speak spanish.  I was stressing about it ALL WEEK.  But my companion kept assuring me that I would be with an english speaker.  PSYCH.  I was with a native Argentine who spoke ZERO ENGLISH.  It was probably the most overwhelming and stressful thing of my life.  And I don’t get overwhelmed and stressed very often… However, I learned a lot and I feel like my spanish has improved a lot because of it.  I’ve also learned to be a very expressive speaker, using lots and lots of hand motions haha.

We also had a conference this week where an area 70 came and spoke to us, Elder Avila.  It seemed like it was really good, but I didn’t understand hardly any of it.  It was like 4 hours long, too, so it was probably the longest 4 hours of my life haha.  Luckily Hermana Briggs gave me some highlights throughout.

I feel like I’ve already gained like a hundred pounds since being here.  All they feed us is pasta and carbs and they get offended when you don’t go back for like fourths.  Hopefully all of the walking I’m doing will take care of that problem.

My companion has been telling everyone it’s my birthday this week, so we already had cake yesterday at a members house, and we’re supposed to have another big dinner tomorrow with another family (who I love, so I’m pumped that they’re cooking for us.)  I’m not a fan of my birthday anyway so it will be good to be busy working!

I’m starting to get the hang of things here, but it’s still hard.  I kind of get discouraged a lot but I know that the Lord is helping me A LOT.  The gift of tongues is so real.  Thank you all for your love and prayers, I FEEL THEM.

Con mucho amor,




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