Last Week of my First Transfer

Making Noquis

Making Noquis

Planning by candle light

Planning by candle light

Hi Family!
I literally feel like I  blinked and the week was over.  And of COURSE I can barely even remember what happened, haha.  Yesterday we made ñoquis with a member, which is this potato pasta stuff.  They were super good at the time, but I’ve been sick ever since.  Maybe that’s a sign that I shouldn’t be cooking.
We’ve been working really hard to find new people to teach, because almost all of our investigators are not progressing.  So the main focus is getting referrals.  Which has been super successful because we got 6 referrals from just two people.  WOOHOO.
We also had our first zone meeting, which I wasn’t too excited for just because I figured I wouldn’t understand much.  BUT I understand almost all of it!  I am gaining SUCH a testimony of the gift of tongues.  My spanish is really improving everyday.  My goal for the week has been to tell a joke or a story at every meal with members.  And since I don’t know any jokes in spanish (or in english, lol) I have to tell stories.  I’m gonna be such a good story teller by the time I get back haha.
I’ve gotten addicted to eating alfojores and drinking apple gatorade (yes that’s a thing here!!)  But we’ve also made it a goal to talk to 5 people before we allow ourselves to eat chocolate.  We will see how long that lasts haha.
I’m starting to love the mission more and more!  The people are really great here and even though it can be kind of a culture shock at times, I’m accepting it and loving it.  Thanks for everything!  The church is true!
Hermana Strong

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