Otoño en Argentina

Hermana Briggs Outside church building Eating Ice Cream


So just when I thought I was going to DIE from the heat, Autumn hit, and I can actually wear my cute cardigans around haha.  We had transfers this week, and I’m still here in Alberdi!  BUT Hermana Briggs got transferred and is now a capacitadora in Santa Fe.  My new companion is awesome though.  She’s not a Latina (which was like my biggest fear) and we have lots in common.  For instance, she’s from California, she went to BYU-Idaho, and she likes sports!  She’s also taller than me (pretty much the first person here who is) and has a bright red hair (which is also a rarity here, I can count the amount of gingers I’ve seen here on one hand lol).  Yesterday she got here, which meant I had to run the show since she doesn’t know the area or the people yet.  We had awesome lessons though, and I feel like my confidence in Spanish is growing everyday!

Sunday was awesome at church.  We’ve been working with this family ever since I got here, and only the daughters are members.  Their mom totally has a testimony, but can’t get baptized because she isn’t married to their dad.  BUT Sunday, right as they were passing the sacrament, we look up and see all 3 daughters, the mother,  AND THE DAD who we had never even taught before.  It was the best thing ever.
This week I’ve been studying a lot about how to really KNOW Christ on a personal level.  To me, we should think of Him as our friend.  We need to recognize His hand in our lives, notice the things that we can do through Him, feel the strength that comes from putting our trust in Him.  There’s so much hope in this gospel!  One of our investigators asked us yesterday, “why are you all so different?” and it’s because we have hope and faith that we can overcome all things, and have eternal life.  We have hope that we can become like Him.  Because we can!  What a beautiful thing!
Missions are hard.  Life is hard.  But everything becomes that much easier when we have Christ as the center of our lives!
Love you all so much, and thanks for all of the emails!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Strong

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