Greetings from Hermana eStrong


Cass Flag???????????????????????????????

Hola Familia!

This week has been crazy, since I’ve been having to run the show since my companion doesn’t know the area.  BUT it’s been a good growing experience for me, since I can’t just rely on my trainer haha.

We had some strange experiences this week:  for instance we were walking to a lesson and I see this dog out of the corner of my eye.  I assume it’s doing its business so obviously I don’t look.  But then suddenly my companion gasps and says “ITS GIVING BIRTH”!  Next thing I know there’s a little puppy and I’m trying not to throw up hahaha.   ALSO I was walking down the street one evening, just as the sun is going down.  It’s all pretty and I’m just enjoying the moment when suddenly out of my peripherals I feel something fly at me.  I look and it looks like a baby alligator!!  I think “but I’m not even in Louisiana!” and then I realize it’s tied to a string and the little kids were just messing with me.  I almost peed my pants with that one haha.

On a more spiritual note, we reached our goal of church attendance.  The past few weeks we’ve had like 70 or 80 people.  But this week we broke A HUNDRED! 102!  WOOHOO!  We also got to watch the Women’s Conference last night.  I was mad because they only had it in spanish, BUT I actually was able to understand most of it!   I also was able to learn what it means to truly listen to what the spirit is telling you, because I probably got something totally different out of it than anyone else haha.

My companion is awesome and we’ve met a ton of new people this week!  We’ve already found that we have mutual friends (Cybill Pace HAHA) and we laugh all the time.  She actually thinks my jokes are funny (what a miracle! lol)

I also crack up here because people for some reason don’t know how to say ‘Strong’.  They always call me estrong, like there’s an E at the beginning.  It’s like they need a running start or something haha.  They can say everything else with an S just fine so I just can’t figure it out!

I learn so much every day.  The highlight of my day is my personal study:  reading the Book of Mormon is so awesome!  SO MUCH GOOD STUFF.  La iglesia es verdadera! Jesucristo conoce todos de nosotras y nos ama MUCHO!  No puedo esperar por el día cuando yo puedo ver Él otra vez!

Con mucho amor!

Hermana eStrong



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