He Is Not Here. . .He Is Risen


??????????????????????????????? Feliz Navidad ???????????????????????????????

This week was by far my best week of the mission.  SO much happened and there was even one night where I just went to bed with a smile on my face haha.

So we have this investigator named Nicolas.  He’s like 17 years old and we had bad experiences with him in the beginning (just on the streets and what not) so I was always trying to avoid him.  Then last Sunday he walks into church with this recent convert and we’re just like “oh no, why is he here”.  I was totally dreading having to teach him but everyone kept telling me how I should because he went to church, and that’s such a big deal!  Anyways, we have a lesson with him and a member, and he accepts a baptismal date.  Pretty awesome.  So we invite him to go to conference, and he shows up right as the first session is ending.  Dang it.  So we decide to have another lesson with him in between sessions with a member of the bishopric, who also happens to be his teacher at school.  And it was the best lesson EVER.  We talked about repentance and he just starts crying, saying how he wants to change but doesn’t know if he can do it.  And so we leave him Alma 36 to read and invite him to pray with us.  And we all kneel down and he gave the most sincere prayer I’ve ever heard. AMAZING.  So he stays for the next session, and even takes notes, drawing a cigarette and a circle crossed out. PLUS he stayed for Priesthood AND one more session the next day.   When I first met him I was so judgmental and made so many assumptions, but it just taught me so much about how we are ALL God’s children and we need to love everyone like God loves them.  Especially when they have  a desire to CHANGE and come closer to Christ.  Desire is the first step to everything.  And once you have that desire, you just have to have FAITH which will lead to ACTION which will lead to AWESOME RESULTS.

Conference was SOOOO good.  Saturday we had to watch all the sessions in Spanish, but Sunday we got to watch it all in English, which I was relieved about.  We did listen to the ones that they gave in spanish in spanish though, which was awesome.  One of them apparently came to this mission a few months ago.  So bummed I missed it!  Elder Holland’s talk was my favorite of them all.  His story of the rock climbers was just TOO APPLICABLE.  Christ is there reaching to pull us out of that hole that we can so easily fall into.  We just have to take that leap of faith!

So much more happened this week but I can’t even remember it anymore!  All I can say is that I am so grateful for the knowledge that CHRIST LIVES.  Being on the mission I was really able to remember the true meaning of Easter!  Christ lives and we can live again too!  He loves us so much!  WHAT A BLESSING.

Love you all sooo much and thanks for all the letters!

Con Amor,

Hermana Strong


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