Hola Familia!

Another fun filled week here in Alberdi.  We had divisiones with our Capacitadores, which meant we had to travel 2 and a half hours to a place called Pergamino.  It’s in the Buenos Aires Provincia, which meant we got to eat these alfajores that apparently are only in Buenos Aires so it was kind of a big deal.  I was companions with a Mexican for a day.  She speaks some english but we spoke Spanish the whole time, expect for random moments when she would say “que awkward” because there´s no word for awkward here haha.  We missed our bus by like 2 minutes on the way back home, which meant we had to wait like 2 extra hours.  When we were buying our bus tickets to go back, they asked me how to spell my name.  I tried spelling ‘Cassidy’ like four times, and they just couldn’t understand. So as a result, they spelled it ‘csddity’.  Apparently Cassidy is not a name here! LOL.

A few more fun facts about Argentina:  I drink milk out of a big bag.  YUMMM.  Also the stoplights go from red, to yellow, to green, back to yellow, to red, and so on.  I do not understand the reason for that.  People drink mate everywhere you go.  For instance the other day there were some construction workers standing around drinking their mate on the job.  Working hard or hardly working?

My spanish is improving a tooooonnnnn.  The gift of tongues is so real!  Me and my companion studied a lot this week about weaknesses.  If you haven’t had a chance to read that article in the Liahona about weaknesses, do it, because its SOOO GOOOD.  Weaknesses are NOT a sin!  Even Christ had weaknesses!  Christ was a mortal being who had to learn and grow just like us!  And yet he was PERFECT, because he didn’t SIN.  Sin is what requires forgiveness, repentance and mercy.  Our weaknesses require HIS grace.  Because its after all that we can do!  I LOVE Ether 12– Because even the PROPHET, Moroni, had weaknesses and insecurities.  Yet the Lord comforts him and tells him to just be patient, that when we trust in Him they will become strengths!

It’s easy to get discouraged, I got discouraged many times this week, but you just have to keep on pushing!  Because at the end of the day, if all you’ve done is your very best, that’s all that matters!

Love you all!  Todo es posible con Cristo!

Hermana Strong



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