When in Doubt, Buy an Empanada

The New Key

Hola Familia,

This week was awesome.  I was loving the people, loving the gospel, loving the mission.  All up until Saturday night.  It was like 9:15, we’re on our way to buy empenadas before heading home, and suddenly these two guys on moto ride up.  Panic sets in and I look and see that my companion is running.  So then I try to run, and the two guys corner me, take my bag, and then ride off.  I tried to say something in Spanish to them but I couldn’t think fast enough in Spanish so pretty much I blinked and they were gone.  Luckily they didn’t hurt me or anything.  Plus that didn’t stop us from going and buying our empenadas right after.  When in doubt, buy some empenadas. They now have Hermana Briggs’s bag that she let me use, as well as 5 pesos (equivalent to like 50 cents), my spanish scriptures, and the keys to our apartment AND the capilla.  We had to get the locks to our apartment changed that night but it was an easy fix (enclosed is the picture of our new key and old lock lol).  I now get anxiety every time I hear a moto (which is like ALL the time) but hey, no biggie!

Other than that this week was really great.  We found tons of opportunities to serve and my love for the people here is growing SO MUCH.  We have a lot of awesome new investigators and I’m just learning so much about CHARITY. I never fully understood the importance of Charity.  But now that I’m working to put it into practice, I’m just learning how happy you can be from focusing on helping others.  It’s like, if you’re focusing on helping someone up a mountain, and doing all you can to help THEM up, you’re bound to make it to the top too!

Also, I finished the Book of Mormon again today!  The Book of Mormon is just a giant invitation to COME UNTO CHRIST. I love it!

Love you all!  The church is true!!

Con Amor,

Hermana Strong

Moroni 10:32


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