Return to Alberdi



SO this week I got to return to my old area, Alberdi, to do divisions with our capacitadoras.  It was so great!  I got to see Hermana Campbell and hear about all my old investigators and see some of the members and I loved it.  Within the short walk from the bus to their apartment we saw like 3 members, one of whom had gotten new teeth within the 3 weeks since I’ve been there.  Haha so many changes!!

Divisions were much needed.  I was feeling super discouraged and lonely, which seems to happen on the mission, but ahh, this hermana that I worked with helped me sooo much and made me see things in a whole other perspective!  She told me about this time where she got to spend an entire week with just her and her dad. And how it was like, the best week ever because she just really got to bond with her dad and really got to know him And THEN she reminded me that thats how the mission is.  Eighteen months of just us with our Heavenly Father.  This is the time where we basically are walking hand in hand with Him.  This is the time where we will really come to know and love Him on a whole other level.  So whenever I start feeling alone or discouraged, I just have to remember that Jesus Christ is right there beside me, helping me the whole way.

The other hermanas in our area had a baptism on Saturday, woohoo!  After the baptism (so at about 8:30 pm Saturday night) the branch president asked if I could give a FIFTEEN MINUTE TALK the next day.  I wanted to DIE.  I can’t even give a fifteen minute talk in english!!!  So pretty much we ran home and I tried to prepare something as fast as I could.  I pretty much gave one of the lessons we teach as my talk, and was up there for at least 12 minutes (mainly probably because I can’t talk as fast in spanish as I can in english lol) but everyone told me I spoke very well (spanish wise) and people were quoting what I said later in the day, so apparently it was understandable haha.  All the while in sacrament meeting I ended up having to lead the music, play the piano for the closing song, and explain to investigators what was going on.  But its better to have too much to do than nothing at all!
Love you all so much!  La iglesia es verdadera y trae la felicidad eterna.  Es mediante este evangelio que podemos realmente sentir el espiritu y volver a nuestra Padre Celestial algun dia.  Estoy tan animada por esta dia!!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Strong

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