Don’t Mess with Hermana Strong


Self Defense Class

Hola Family!

So this week was eventful.  We traveled to Rosario to learn Self Defense from Hermana Fairbanks (who I lived with for my first two transfers, is the mission nurse, and also has a black belt in karate JAJA).  It was an “hermana only” event and so I got to see a bunch of my old friends (I have old friends in the mission now lol) and learn some sweet moves so that the Argentine ladrones don’t mess with me anymore!  Basically I know what to do if you come up behind me, grab me by the wrists, or try to punch me.  But if worse comes to worst I can always just pull out some moves from the “bear and the buffalo” days.
Me and my companion had planned to do some practices and all, but we both got SICK and didn’t even leave the apartment for like 4 days.  It was a long and boring week.  BUT I had a lot of time to read, which was kind of cool.  Oddly enough, I decided to read some of Jesus the Christ.  Ugh, I always thought that book was too long and hard and boring.  But I was pleasantly surprised to come to the fact that its like my new favorite book!  Something that really stuck out to me is that fact that Christ wasn’t born knowing his divine duty.  He had to gradually learn and grow and gradually he came to know of what he was chosen to do: SAVE US.  And He did it.  He didn’t give up or say it would be too hard.  He continued forward.  Which is what I need to do when I get discouraged (like everyday) so that I can reach my full potential as a missionary and as a daughter of God!
Anyways, I officially have 5 months in the mission.  Can you believe it? I feel like you just barely dropped me off at the curb!  Also, transfers are in two weeks and then I’ll know for sure whether I’ll be in the Rosario Mission or Santa Fe.  Wouldn’t it be cool to say I served in two missions?  Haha we will see!
Love you all so much!  The church is true and even though life is hard, the gospel makes it possible!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Strong

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  1. Too funny Hermana Strong. You got the moves now! 42 years ago I went to El Mision Argentina del Este in Santa Fe. Not too long after they moved the HQ to Rosario. Glad to hear you may be finally opening it up again! An Elder Perry story. When Elder McConkie came and founded the first Stake there in Rosario, he towered over our Mission President, who was just over 5 feet. But what we noticed was the size of his feet. When we commented on Elder McConkie’s shoe size, he asked if we thought he had the biggest feet. We said YES. He said, no, Elder Perry’s were bigger. Have a great week Hermana Strong. Thanks for all the great work you are doing with our fellow paisanos.


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