la familia


Hermana Gudiel Hola Familia!

It’s the last week of the transfer and I have already found out that I’ll be getting transferred to another area!  They’re taking out all of the hermanas in my area and putting in elders, and we’re going to be doing a white wash (my second white wash in 3 areas) in another area.  I think I’ll still be with my companion so apparently we havent learned what we needed to from each other yet haha but I’m excited to see what happens!
We also had a family history activity this week!  We had invited all the members to make a dessert from the ancestors to bring to the activity.  I wasn’t planning on making anything since that’s not really one of my strengths, but last minute my companion INSISTS that I make something.  SO I decide to try and make cookies.  I had no recipe (I can barely make cookies WITH  a recipe) but I went for it anyway.  The ingredients in Argentina are definitely not the same as home, so I just started throwing things in a bowl and and then put it all in the oven.  They looked like cookies, they smelled like cookies, but they tasted like burnt rocks.  Mmm que rico!!
This week was kind of hard for me.  I just have been feeling discouraged and down in the dumps.  We lost a bunch of our investigators and I was just feeling overwhelmed and SUPER home sick.  But then I opened my scriptures, and I had marked a scripture like the week before (I don’t even remember having read it before) but it said “continue in patience… let not your mind turn back.”  WOAH.  Heavenly Father KNOWS us and KNOWS what we’re feeling and KNOWS that we struggle.  He also knows how to help us, and he knows whats best for us.  He will ALWAYS answer our prayers, and maybe not in the way that we want or expect, but in the way that HE knows is best for us.  I’m not perfectly feelin the enthusiasm that I wish I was, but I know that we have to struggle a little bit sometimes.  But struggling is how we can really come to know Christ.  “Someday you will look back at the difficult times and realize that He was always there beside you.” –President Monson
Love you all and thank you for your prayers and love and support always!!
Dios nos conoce! Dios nos ama!
Hermana Strong

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