Lost in Belgrano

Our current living conditions Hanging Laundry

Holaaaa Familia!

Como estan?!  Currently still living in another area than my actual area, so we have to take a bus everyday, which means we lose a lot of time and a lot of money. The plus side is I’m not sleeping on the floor in the kitchen anymore! Our apartment is literally teeny tiny but we figured out how to put some bunk beds together so now we all sleep nice and close in the same bedroom.  I love living with other hermanas, even if its a tight squeeze. Its nice having someone else to talk to mornings and nights haha.  Good times!

The ward we are in is super great.  Our mission leader is probably the best mission leader in the mission.  He calls us all the time and makes sure we’re doing okay and tells us who we should go visit and drives us to appointments.  He keeps such good tabs on us that we don’t even have to tell him where we’re going.  The other day we got off the bus one stop too late.  Then all of a sudden we hear someone honking their horn super loud.  We look, and its the mission leader.  We run over to him and he’s all concerned “you got off the bus too late, chicas!” haha i don’t even know how he knew where we were!  But I guess its good to have someone watching out for us!

There’s an hermano in our ward that lived in California and Utah for 12 years, so the other day he starts talking to me about all the different restaurants in Los Estados (In n Out, Texas Roadhouse, etc.) and it made me sooo food trunky.  Not that I don’t love eating milanesas and pasta everyday, but i definitely miss some a good old In N Out Burger.  We have a McDonalds in our area, but its SO expensive and teeny tiny!  Only one more year! (can you believe its already only one more year?)

We still have a lot of work to do and we get lost a lot but you always know when you’re following the spirit because a lot of times when we’re lost, we end up finding another street with another family that we need to visit.  Following the spirit is still something that I struggle to recognize, but I’m learning that its different for every person.  But when we read the scriptures daily, and pray always and do the things that we’re supposed to, we can learn the language of the spirit, and it will become easier and easier to understand it every time.

Also, enclosed is a photo of my current drying system. I have not once seen a dryer machine since I`ve been here.

Love you mucho mucho!!  The church is true!  Christ loves us!

Hermana Strong


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