No, We’re Not Testigos

16 meses Cass16 meses
Hello Familia!

This week was super GOOD.  We found a bunch of new people to teach and taught a ton of lessons and I think I might finally be starting to see the fruits of my labor.  Just have to continue exercising my faith!!

We’ve been mistaken a lot lately for Testigos (aka Jehovah’s Witnesses) because this area hasn’t seen hermanas in so long.  We went to a recent convert to meet him, and the dad tells us,”oh sorry I’m busy. And I go to another church.”  Another church!?!?  But you just got baptized!!  And then he looks at us again and realizes “oh wait, I go to the same church!  I thought you were testigos!”  ahh que porqueria haha.

Amidst all of this testigo business, we found a new investigator, who is a gungho Jehovah’s Witness.  Yet she’s totally willing to listen to us (probably to teach us instead of us teaching her) so we were having a dilemma as to which member we could bring.  But literally right after making an appointment to teach her, we went to another recent convert, whose family is super active in the Jehovah’s Witness church, and they don’t  know she’s baptized so as to keep the peace with them.  She was super excited and willing to come with us to teach her and to testify to her of her conversion.  Such a miracle!!

This morning we received AWESOME news that our investigator, who we had a baptism date for the 11th of July, made an appointment today to get married on the TENTH, which was the last available day she could get married this MONTH!!  SUCH A MIRACLE.  Now her and her daughter are gonna get baptized in 2 weeks and I’m so excited to plan my first baptism!!!!

I feel like I’m starting to bounce back after the rut I was in last transfer and I’m realizing that when you truly exercise your FAITH, miracles happen.  Hermana Zanni sent us this talk this week and talked about the chain of affect that happens when we don’t have faith.  First, we fear.  Which leads us to doubt.  Which leads to discouragement, to disobedience, and then to unbelief.  Sometimes its hard to continue faithful.  And sometimes we don’t see the results of our faith right away. But if we keep pushing, and keep trying, and put Heavenly Father in primer lugar, everything will be okay.  HIS way will lead us  to Eternal Life.  HIS way will lead us to Eternal Happiness!!

Love you all so much!!

Hermana Strong


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