The Worst/Best/Longest Week of My LIFE



Okay, so I don’t usually like to do this, but can i please just VENT about all of the things that went wrong this week:

It all started when we didn’t have gas in our apartment, which meant we didn’t have hot water, nor means to heat water to bathe with.  SO we got permission to let us stay the night with the hermanas in the other area so that we could be clean and pretty for the wedding the  next day.  So as we’re on our way to go to the other area, we needed to buy some things for the wedding; but EVERYTHING was closed because it was a HOLIDAY.  Our patience was very limited at this point, as we hadn’t showered in days and NEEDED this stuff for the wedding.  As we sat at the bus stop, frustrated and thinking that things couldn’t get any worse, I see two men on moto ride by and stare at me.  Not a total rarity as people always stare at us, but I just had a bad feeling.  And with good reason.  Suddenly, I feel someone tugging at my backpack and yelling “damelo damelo!” and i realize, aw dang it, we’re getting ROBBED.  But this time, I wasn’t going to let them take anything.
So I put my self defense moves into action and started screaming my head off “ayuda ayuda!!” and the screaming scared him off and on to my companion. But my screaming attracted a ton of people and the blessing of it all: they left with NOTHING.  And we got a free taxi ride home!
So then when I  thought it couldn’t get even more worse, I was sick throwing up all night the night before the baptism.  Probably because of the stress, but that didn’t stop me from witnessing the total blessings we had this week.
Vanesa is officially married!!!
Vanesa and Brisa are officially BAPTIZED.  And it was the coolest thing ever to be able to see the spirit working in them and the power of their testimonies!  After all of the terrible things that happened this week, it made it all worth it to be able to see two daughters of God who are truly converted to Christ!
So even when everything is going WRONG look at all of the things going RIGHT.  I’m still in the process of doing that…haha
I just want you all to know that i KNOW this church is true.  I KNOW that Christ lives, and loves us and knows us.  I KNOW that the Book of Mormon is true and that it is by this book that we can have peace and hope and happiness in this life.
Con much amor,
Hermana Strong

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