Tranquila Week

Hola Familia!

Esta semana.. Wow, I just started writing this in spanish, and then I realized, wait, nobody’s going to understand.  Anyways… This week was a LOT more tranquila than the week before and I am honestly very grateful for that!  On Tuesday, after our district meeting, a bunch of the youth were outside playing volleyball.  So like ten of us missionaries challenged them to a game, and it was EXACTLY what I needed to relieve my stress (even though I was playing around in my skirt) and I felt like a whole new person afterwards haha.  Nobody realized that I actually play volleyball, so they were all surprised when I could serve and spike and what not (I just couldn’t dive due to the whole skirt thing haha.) Plus we won so I haven’t lost all my skill yet lol.   Tomorrow we’re supposed to have a pday especial with all the hermanas and the Zannis.  I’m so excited!  Presidente recently had to have surgery for a hernia, but apparently he’s well enough now to keep taking care of us!

We also had divisions with our sister training leaders this week, which meant I got to work with Hermana Fairbanks (who is also the mission nurse, and who I lived with for two transfers.)  It was super fun to reminisce about old times and to actually speak english!!!  This is the last week of transfers and I honestly have no idea what’s going to happen! This area kind of freaks me out after what happened last week so we will see if Presidente will keep me here!
We had a lesson with Vanesa (who just got baptized)’s husband, and it was the best lesson ever.  Before, he didn’t want to listen to the missionaries. But now he has all sorts of desires to listen, quit smoking, and get baptized, mainly because of all of the changes he’s seen in his home after the baptism.  The spirit really changes hearts and its amazing!
Also, all of the young women in the ward somehow found me on Instagram and Facebook, and I have no idea how because I didn’t even tell them my first name!  So now they know all about my former life and know what I actually look like (en serio, missionaries are just not cute haha).
We worked a lot in the villa this week, and I still can’t get over some of the things I see there: people walking their horses from their cars, kids sneezing into the food you’re about to eat, plants growing out of tires.  It’s an interesting thing but I think its necessary sometimes to see a new way of life.
Anyways, thanks for all the love and letters this week!  Keep following Christ, even when its hard. Following Satan and giving into temptation is easy.  But following Christ requires effort, something from the depth of our souls.  And the reward for following Christ will bring us a LOT more happiness, which will last an eternity longer, than the rewards of Satan, which only last a second.  It’s hard, but it’s WORTH it.
Hermana Strong

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