Twins and Muddy Dogs and God’s Will before my own

Hola Familia!

Let me just start  by saying that I LOVEEEE this area.  It’s just small town, everyone knows everyone and and everyone is connected in some way.  Maybe I love it so much because it reminds me a lot of Ojai.

My companion is amazing.  Everyone thinks we’re twins, but the ironic thing is that she actually has a twin sister… So I guess I’m just taking her place for a bit lol.  

It rained a bunch here this week.  My lesson from the rain this week:  don’t go near dogs. Because they WILL play in the mud and then JUMP all over you right after.  Thankfully I got the mud stains out of my skirt shortly after! 

We saw tons of miracles this week and I felt the spirit superrrr strong the whole week.  Me and my companion are too similar in a lot of things, especially in the things we don’t do all that well, so we have tons of goals to improve on and conquer our fears!! 
We’re finding a ton of awesome people to teach and still searching for those whose hearts are prepared.  On Saturday, we had this crazy awesome lesson with one of our investigators and his girlfriend.  When we invited them to church, they were super excited and ready to go.  So we fasted, and we prayed and we prayed some more that they would come.  And Sunday came along.  And we waited at the doors for them.  And we waited some more…And they never came…  
I expected to be super bummed out, but surprisingly I wasn’t.  Like yeah, I was disappointed that they didn’t come, but I realized that I did all that I could do.  I was diligent and faithful.  But then there comes the point where you have to accept the decisions of others, and that others have the freedom to choose.  But it doesn’t mean that I was lacking faith, or that I was a bad missionary.  Part of being a happy missionary is accepting what comes and continuing forward, loving with all your heart and trusting in GOD’S WILL.  Because really, HE knows a LOT better than I do.  And He never just leaves us with nothing.  Because we had so many other miracles at church:  people that hadn’t been to church in YEARS came, and shared their TESTIMONIES and were able to feel the spirit of the Lord soooo strong.  It was probably the most spiritual sacrament meeting I’ve had since I’ve been here.  SUCH A BLESSING.

Anyways, love you all so much!  No tengo ningun duda que esta es la iglesia verdadera.  Tenemos un profeta hoy en dìa y Jesucristo nos ama màs que nosotros podemos comprender! 

Con muchisimo amor,

Hermana Strong

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