Get Thee Behind Me, Satan

Comp Shephard

Hola Hola Hola!

This week it rained A lot. And while you all are complaining about the heat, I’m cold cold cold!  But the sun will come out, tomorrow! (at least lets hope so)

Can I just say I can not STAND the dogs here.  Every single day a new dog decides to follow us, and then when we enter a new neighborhood, all the other dogs freak out and start barking and chasing us.  And they’re all so DIRTY.  Okay enough venting about that.
We had a lot of highs and a lot of lows this week.  Currently we are teaching this seventeen year old who is the definition of PREPARED to hear the gospel.  Last week, he received a HUGE answer from Heavenly Father that these things are true.  It was AWESOME.  And then this week we had a lesson with him every single day.  And he invited a new person to listen every time.  And he shares his testimony so powerfully about the love of God.  Like can he get any better?  We always want to count the lessons with him as “with member” but then we remember, oh wait, he’s not even a member yet. So yeah, we are just seeing HUGE miracles with him everyday.  At one point, we were eating lunch with a member, and were telling her about who we were teaching.  Her grandson (less active member) came in, and she asked him if he knew any of them.  Sure enough, he knew this chico.  So the member tells him to go invite him to church.  So he leaves right then to go invite him.  HOW GREAT, we think.  So then like ten minutes later he comes back, but only to get his Book of Mormon so that they could read together.  Like is this real life????  Things like this never happen.
So then later that we day we go to have our daily lesson with him, and he’s sitting there reading his Book of Mormon waiting for us.  And invites us to go to a Family Home Evening that a member had invited him to.  SO GREAT.  Every time we see him he just tells us how excited he is to get baptized, but the things he’s lacking: he STILL hasn’t come to church.  It’s like Satan knows that that is one of the only things that’s stopping him at this point.  So Satan works EXTRA hard to keep him from going.  We literally did EVERYTHING possible this week so that he would go… And he STILL didn’t make it.
That’s something I’m learning a lot of on the mission.  Is that the harder we work, the harder Satan works too.  And it can be SO FRUSTRATING SOMETIMES.  But it just means that you have to keep going.  Because he is NOT going to win!  You can’t give up at half time… You have to keep playing until the end of the game!  Plus, we have Jesus Christ on our team, and with him, there’s no way we can lose!!!
Love you all so much!  The gospel has the power to CHANGE LIVES.  I am seeing that power every single day and it’s amazing.
Con mucho mucho amor,
Hermana Strong

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