Chucking Cigarrettes and Stolen Sheep

Hiiiii familia!!

I feel like I was just writing you yesterday… the weeks are FLYING BY.
This week was pretty good. Lots of UPS and lots of DOWNS, as usual.  Currently, we are working on getting 3 seventeen year olds to quit smoking.  They totally have the desires and everything so they gave us their pack of cigarettes.  Which resulted in us walking down the street with the cigarettes.  Until we realized, wait this probably doesn’t look very good, you know, two missionaries carrying around cigarettes.  So we found the nearest dumpster and just CHUCKED them in the trash.  Definitely a satisfying feeling.
We also were visiting this family who we’ve currently been teaching.  They’re super awesome.  And the other day they come in with their baby lamb and start feeding it with a bottle.  I was like THIS close to feeding it, but then I chickened out.  But I was like, no worries, I’ll just feed it next time we visit them and bring my camera this time.  So the next time we go, they tell us that someone STOLE their lamb.  WHO STEALS A LAMB??  I honestly would love to know what the purpose of that is.
Also, since we are in the MIDDLE of nowhere, we have to take buses EVERYWHERE to get out of our little pueblo to the real world.  Which means that we’ve been making really good friends with the bus drivers.  They always speak English to us and honk at us when they drive by and its hilarious.  Next step is to get them to come to church lol.
So the whole world here is SICK with the flu.  Literally every house we went to, someone had the flu.  But that doesn’t stop them from greeting us with a kiss, or sharing a cup with us.  Its honestly a MIRACLE that we haven’t gotten sick yet.
But anyways, I just have to say that I LOVE being a missionary.  For reals though.  Satan worked SO hard on me not to go.  I doubted myself SO MUCH.  But I just learn so many new things everyday that I could have never learned anywhere else.  And meeting people that I never would have known, and seeing the power of God in ways I never thought possible.  I don’t have any doubt in my mind that this is the true church of Jesus Christ.  And that it’s only through HIM that we can reach our full potential and become the people God sent us here to become.
Love you all SO MUCH.
Con muchisimo amor,
Hermana Strong

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