Piñatas, Hair Cuts and Lunch Appointments

Hola Hola Hola!!

This week was fun.  It started out with a special pday, where we got to hang out with all the missionaries in San Nicolas area.  We did a piñata (I thought I was in Argentina, not Mexico jaja) and I was the first and last person to hit it.  Apparently my strength is just TOO much.  Or it could be the fact that we hung it off a table that was stuck over two chalk boards.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Also, I let my companion cut my hair this week.  It was like a total Parent Trap moment, luckily I already have my ears pierced so we didn’t have to go that far jaja.

So remember my first week in this area, when we only had 2 lunch appointments in the entire week?  Well we’ve worked it up to having one every single day, and we even got invited to two lunches and a dinner on Saturday!  We were going to cancel one of the lunches but we were like, “hey, we can eat it all!”  So we showed up to both lunches, ate two helpings at both of them, and I felt ready to ROLL home afterwards.  But totally worth it.

Yesterday we had this special area conference for like all of Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.  Quentin L. Cook and Robert D. Hales spoke and it was SO GOOD.  They were definitely dropping the cane on a few things.  But only like 3 members from our little branch came.  So that was kind of a bummer.  But I guess now we just have to go spread the word to everyone else!

So I’ve been totally obsessed this week with studying about our potential here on Earth.  Like we each have this huge divine potential to become whoever we want to be!  And we are constantly changing!  Every decision we make goes toward who we will become.  And even better, when we are losing ourselves in the service of God, we are becoming more and more like Jesus Christ!  And if I would want to be like anyone, it would most definitely be like Him.  One of my biggest fears here is that I’m not doing enough to be able to become who God sent me here to become, or in helping others to reach that potential.  But it keeps me going in trying each day to be a little better, and helping others to do the same.

Love you all SO MUCH.  This is the true church!!!

Con much amor,

Hermana Strong


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