Rabbit or Chicken? I just don’t know

front of church Ramallo Sign
Hola Familiaaaa!!
Another week has FLOWN by and I don’t even know what to think!  Also, its almost officially been 9 MONTHS since I left, which means I am HALFWAY THROUGH MY MISSION.  I was like this close to having a midlife crisis (or mid mission crisis, lol) BUT I’m back in full swing and so excited to make the most of the next 9 months. 
The highlight of the week was our Zone Conference with Presidente Zanni.  HE IS SO AWESOME.  Like he totally lays down the law of everything we need to improve and change but in such a way where you WANT to do it. 
Some funny Argentine stuff of the week:  seeing cars without a hood or headlights, people stopping their bikes by putting their foot on the wheel because they don’t have brakes, and wiping your windshield from your car with a towel while it rains.  HAHAH maybe that’s only funny if you see it in the moment. 
Also like every week we eat lunch at this menos activa’s house.  We are also teaching her sister in law.  So the other day she gave us this meat.  And we were like, what is this? and she’s like, its chicken.  But it didn’t taste or look like chicken.  But we went with it and ate it anyway.  And then later that night we went to visit her sister in law.  And her sister in law asks us what we ate for lunch?  And we were like, she said it was chicken, but it didn’t really seem like chicken.  And then she just starts laughing and tells “hahaha she totally fed you rabbit!”  WHHHAAAAT. haha not something I was expecting but okay. 
We’ve also been crazy trying to contact.  Every day it’s a new color of shirt.  The other day, it was red.  And I’m pretty sure everyone decided to wear red that day because we talked to EVERYONE.  I fell asleep the second my head hit the pillow that night, I was SO exhausted.  But I’m getting over my hatred of contacting and we are meeting a ton of awesome people in the process.  WOOHOO!
Yesterday we got to watch the Women’s Conference (IN ENGLISH woohoo!) and i LOVED IT.  I’ve also been thinking a bunch about the pre-mortal life, and like what we were doing before.  And like, we were totally preparing to come here.  We probably walked and talked with Heavenly Father, maybe even laughed with Him, and He probably told us of all that we would have to go through and all that we would become.  The thing is we had to go through the veil.  And forgot it all.  But now is our chance to find out who we can become.  Now we can do all that we can to prepare to live with Him again, so that when we see Him again, He’ll say, “Come, Cassidy” (or fill in your own name there) “there’s a place prepared for you here in my kingdom.”
Love you all so much,
Con amor,
Hermana Strong

When a llama is better dressed than you…

Cassidy in yellow skirt By the River
Cassidy by the River
Sass - Sis NelsonFamiliaaaaa,

I swear every week goes by faster and faster.  The past few days we’ve been on “bed rest” because my companion is having foot problems, but the nurse said we were allowed to go to set appointments.  So basically we’ve just been calling everyone and their mother to go and visit them so we don’t have to sit at home haha.

It’s also the first day of SPRING here.   FELIZ DIA DE PRIMAVERA¡¡¡

Funny things we saw this week:

First of all, we’re walking along, and a llama walks by that I’m pretty sure was better dressed than us (that’s not very hard considering I basically wear the same skirt everyday).  But for real, it had like jewels and everything, so weird.

They also have these baskets in front of the houses where you put your trash in.   And the other day we walk by one, and realize there was a little kid with his legs sticking out hiding underneath a box.  We start lol’ing and then he jumps out, and then out hops a RAT that was chilling in the basket with him¡ talk about nasty¡¡¡ (also i have to use the upside down exclamation marks because the real ones aren’t working jajaa)

My companion also has been doing this embarrassing laugh, where its like Krusty the Klown from The Simpsons and I told her it embarrasses me so now she does it with like every family we go and visit hahhaa.

We also got to go to these awesome waterfalls this week.   They were teeny, probably even smaller than Idaho Falls (which are also teeny) but we went with some girls we are teaching so it was like the coolest thing to be able to teach them next to nature.   Nature brings the spirit SOOO much stronger¡¡   Like every night, as the sun is going down, I just think to myself, man, God loves us SOOO much.   So much that He sent us His Son so that one day we could come back to live with Him (see 2 Nephi 26:24, which is my current favorite scripture).   It blows my mind just how much He`s given us.   Literally EVERYTHING we have.   But I feel sooo blessed to be able to give everything I have to Him for this short 18 months.   At first, 18 months felt like an eternity.   But now I’m seeing that this isn’t even enough time to show just how grateful I am to the Lord for all that He`s given me.  If ever you think God doesn’t love you, just look outside and see just how BEAUTIFUL the world is that He created for US.

Love you all SO MUCH¡¡

Hermana Strong

Follow That Green Shirt!

Hola hola hola!

Okay time like doesn’t even exist on the mission… Weeks feel like days and months feel like weeks and I can’t get OVER it.

I learned a lot a lot this week and we saw lots of really cool miracles!  For example, I HATE contacting.  Hate hate hate it.  But my companion enjoys it, and Heavenly Father taught me to enjoy it this week.  Like the other day, it was raining ALL DAY. And NOBODY was home.  So we were basically just wandering around all morning soaking wet.  Miserable.  So my  companion suggests that we make things fun, and every person we see with a green shirt, we have to contact them.  There was literally like nobody outside, so to see a green shirt would mean God sent them to us.  So we’re walking, and like a block ahead of us we see a green shirt.  So we basically start chasing this girl down, and she turns the corner.  So then we turn the corner, and she’s gone.  Like literally disappeared!  So we’re like dang it, what do we do!  And suddenly, this guy with a green sweatshirt leaves the house like two doors away.  SO, we knock on the door (or clap in front of the house because that’s what we do here) and there was a man and his family, and he let us in and we had like an awesome lesson with them.  ITS SO COOL HOW THE SPIRIT GUIDES.

There’s also these crazy trees here.  And it looks like avocados are growing from them, but then they bloom into these giant cotton balls.  IT’S THE WEIRDEST THING.  Spring is coming in quick and my scriptures are filling up with all the pretty flowers that are blooming here.  IT’S SO PRETTY.
Also, my companion LOVES to sing.  So our new thing is that like every person we visit, we give them a gift: US SINGING A HYMN!  haha at first I was super apprehensive about it, but the spirit is so much more powerful, and plus my comp gets all fancy and harmonizes with me and stuff so we are turning into a really nice duet hahaha.
This week I have just been gaining a huge huge testimony of the Book of Mormon.  I don’t think I ever fully comprehended just how much POWER the Book of Mormon has.  But if we take the time to read it every single day (and trust me, there is ALWAYS time to read it), we WILL see how much it changes us and gives us the capacity to deal with any problem or trial and sadness that may come. Yo sè que el Libro de Mormon es verdadero! Yo sè que Cristo vive!
Con muchisimo amor,
Hermana Strong

Blenders and Baby Horses


New Comp in Ramalio

Sis Shephard

Beautiful Ramallio

Hola Hola Hola!

Another TRANSFER has already come and gone, and like always, I have a NEW COMPANION, and finally I get to stay in my area for more than one transfer.  Which is such a relief because I LOVE LOVE LOVE this area. This area is so great. I don’t know even know why, I just love it so much though!  It’s totally what I envisioned Argentina to be because it has dirt roads and there’s random horses on the street and we’re like right by the river and there’s a bunch of farm land. I’m gonna try and take more pictures of it because its just wonderful here.  My companion is from American Fork, Utah and has big curly hair and is almost done with her mission.  Which means I might be the one to kill her off (not literally speaking, obviously lol).

This week we had divisions with our capacitadoras, and the hermana that I worked with already served here.  So she was basically showing me around and we went to a bunch of families who she used to visit, so now we have a whole bunch more people to teach.  What a blessing!

Some of the biggest news of the week: everyone in the mission got BLENDERS!  So now we’re making smoothies aful. The only issue is that the fruit selection here is not very much… Its literally only bananas, apples, oranges and pears.  So our smoothie diet is limited which means we will probably just have to resort to making milkshakes.

We also went to visit our 17 year old investigator and his horse had just given birth!  So we got to see his little pony, and the best part was that he pulled his Book of Mormon out to find a name for it. I suggested Nefi, so we will see what he thinks of that haha.

This week was full of lots of wonderful lessons and experiences that are just changing my life day by day.  There is literally nothing like being a missionary.  Especially being able to just develop so much LOVE for these people.  Love and charity is literally the key to everything. The happiest times in my mission have been when I’m losing myself in the work and just LOVING these people.  When you forget yourself, and focus on the needs of others, your problems don’t seem so bad… And you get to really feel what Christ feels for US.

Anyways, I love you all SO MUCH and can you believe I’m almost half way through my mission?  TIME IS FLYING BY WAY TOO FAST!!!

The church is true! Jesus Lives!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Strong

1 Nephi 17:50-51 (i think those are the verse numbers haha)