Blenders and Baby Horses


New Comp in Ramalio

Sis Shephard

Beautiful Ramallio

Hola Hola Hola!

Another TRANSFER has already come and gone, and like always, I have a NEW COMPANION, and finally I get to stay in my area for more than one transfer.  Which is such a relief because I LOVE LOVE LOVE this area. This area is so great. I don’t know even know why, I just love it so much though!  It’s totally what I envisioned Argentina to be because it has dirt roads and there’s random horses on the street and we’re like right by the river and there’s a bunch of farm land. I’m gonna try and take more pictures of it because its just wonderful here.  My companion is from American Fork, Utah and has big curly hair and is almost done with her mission.  Which means I might be the one to kill her off (not literally speaking, obviously lol).

This week we had divisions with our capacitadoras, and the hermana that I worked with already served here.  So she was basically showing me around and we went to a bunch of families who she used to visit, so now we have a whole bunch more people to teach.  What a blessing!

Some of the biggest news of the week: everyone in the mission got BLENDERS!  So now we’re making smoothies aful. The only issue is that the fruit selection here is not very much… Its literally only bananas, apples, oranges and pears.  So our smoothie diet is limited which means we will probably just have to resort to making milkshakes.

We also went to visit our 17 year old investigator and his horse had just given birth!  So we got to see his little pony, and the best part was that he pulled his Book of Mormon out to find a name for it. I suggested Nefi, so we will see what he thinks of that haha.

This week was full of lots of wonderful lessons and experiences that are just changing my life day by day.  There is literally nothing like being a missionary.  Especially being able to just develop so much LOVE for these people.  Love and charity is literally the key to everything. The happiest times in my mission have been when I’m losing myself in the work and just LOVING these people.  When you forget yourself, and focus on the needs of others, your problems don’t seem so bad… And you get to really feel what Christ feels for US.

Anyways, I love you all SO MUCH and can you believe I’m almost half way through my mission?  TIME IS FLYING BY WAY TOO FAST!!!

The church is true! Jesus Lives!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Strong

1 Nephi 17:50-51 (i think those are the verse numbers haha)


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