Follow That Green Shirt!

Hola hola hola!

Okay time like doesn’t even exist on the mission… Weeks feel like days and months feel like weeks and I can’t get OVER it.

I learned a lot a lot this week and we saw lots of really cool miracles!  For example, I HATE contacting.  Hate hate hate it.  But my companion enjoys it, and Heavenly Father taught me to enjoy it this week.  Like the other day, it was raining ALL DAY. And NOBODY was home.  So we were basically just wandering around all morning soaking wet.  Miserable.  So my  companion suggests that we make things fun, and every person we see with a green shirt, we have to contact them.  There was literally like nobody outside, so to see a green shirt would mean God sent them to us.  So we’re walking, and like a block ahead of us we see a green shirt.  So we basically start chasing this girl down, and she turns the corner.  So then we turn the corner, and she’s gone.  Like literally disappeared!  So we’re like dang it, what do we do!  And suddenly, this guy with a green sweatshirt leaves the house like two doors away.  SO, we knock on the door (or clap in front of the house because that’s what we do here) and there was a man and his family, and he let us in and we had like an awesome lesson with them.  ITS SO COOL HOW THE SPIRIT GUIDES.

There’s also these crazy trees here.  And it looks like avocados are growing from them, but then they bloom into these giant cotton balls.  IT’S THE WEIRDEST THING.  Spring is coming in quick and my scriptures are filling up with all the pretty flowers that are blooming here.  IT’S SO PRETTY.
Also, my companion LOVES to sing.  So our new thing is that like every person we visit, we give them a gift: US SINGING A HYMN!  haha at first I was super apprehensive about it, but the spirit is so much more powerful, and plus my comp gets all fancy and harmonizes with me and stuff so we are turning into a really nice duet hahaha.
This week I have just been gaining a huge huge testimony of the Book of Mormon.  I don’t think I ever fully comprehended just how much POWER the Book of Mormon has.  But if we take the time to read it every single day (and trust me, there is ALWAYS time to read it), we WILL see how much it changes us and gives us the capacity to deal with any problem or trial and sadness that may come. Yo sè que el Libro de Mormon es verdadero! Yo sè que Cristo vive!
Con muchisimo amor,
Hermana Strong

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