When a llama is better dressed than you…

Cassidy in yellow skirt By the River
Cassidy by the River
Sass - Sis NelsonFamiliaaaaa,

I swear every week goes by faster and faster.  The past few days we’ve been on “bed rest” because my companion is having foot problems, but the nurse said we were allowed to go to set appointments.  So basically we’ve just been calling everyone and their mother to go and visit them so we don’t have to sit at home haha.

It’s also the first day of SPRING here.   FELIZ DIA DE PRIMAVERA¡¡¡

Funny things we saw this week:

First of all, we’re walking along, and a llama walks by that I’m pretty sure was better dressed than us (that’s not very hard considering I basically wear the same skirt everyday).  But for real, it had like jewels and everything, so weird.

They also have these baskets in front of the houses where you put your trash in.   And the other day we walk by one, and realize there was a little kid with his legs sticking out hiding underneath a box.  We start lol’ing and then he jumps out, and then out hops a RAT that was chilling in the basket with him¡ talk about nasty¡¡¡ (also i have to use the upside down exclamation marks because the real ones aren’t working jajaa)

My companion also has been doing this embarrassing laugh, where its like Krusty the Klown from The Simpsons and I told her it embarrasses me so now she does it with like every family we go and visit hahhaa.

We also got to go to these awesome waterfalls this week.   They were teeny, probably even smaller than Idaho Falls (which are also teeny) but we went with some girls we are teaching so it was like the coolest thing to be able to teach them next to nature.   Nature brings the spirit SOOO much stronger¡¡   Like every night, as the sun is going down, I just think to myself, man, God loves us SOOO much.   So much that He sent us His Son so that one day we could come back to live with Him (see 2 Nephi 26:24, which is my current favorite scripture).   It blows my mind just how much He`s given us.   Literally EVERYTHING we have.   But I feel sooo blessed to be able to give everything I have to Him for this short 18 months.   At first, 18 months felt like an eternity.   But now I’m seeing that this isn’t even enough time to show just how grateful I am to the Lord for all that He`s given me.  If ever you think God doesn’t love you, just look outside and see just how BEAUTIFUL the world is that He created for US.

Love you all SO MUCH¡¡

Hermana Strong

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