Rabbit or Chicken? I just don’t know

front of church Ramallo Sign
Hola Familiaaaa!!
Another week has FLOWN by and I don’t even know what to think!  Also, its almost officially been 9 MONTHS since I left, which means I am HALFWAY THROUGH MY MISSION.  I was like this close to having a midlife crisis (or mid mission crisis, lol) BUT I’m back in full swing and so excited to make the most of the next 9 months. 
The highlight of the week was our Zone Conference with Presidente Zanni.  HE IS SO AWESOME.  Like he totally lays down the law of everything we need to improve and change but in such a way where you WANT to do it. 
Some funny Argentine stuff of the week:  seeing cars without a hood or headlights, people stopping their bikes by putting their foot on the wheel because they don’t have brakes, and wiping your windshield from your car with a towel while it rains.  HAHAH maybe that’s only funny if you see it in the moment. 
Also like every week we eat lunch at this menos activa’s house.  We are also teaching her sister in law.  So the other day she gave us this meat.  And we were like, what is this? and she’s like, its chicken.  But it didn’t taste or look like chicken.  But we went with it and ate it anyway.  And then later that night we went to visit her sister in law.  And her sister in law asks us what we ate for lunch?  And we were like, she said it was chicken, but it didn’t really seem like chicken.  And then she just starts laughing and tells “hahaha she totally fed you rabbit!”  WHHHAAAAT. haha not something I was expecting but okay. 
We’ve also been crazy trying to contact.  Every day it’s a new color of shirt.  The other day, it was red.  And I’m pretty sure everyone decided to wear red that day because we talked to EVERYONE.  I fell asleep the second my head hit the pillow that night, I was SO exhausted.  But I’m getting over my hatred of contacting and we are meeting a ton of awesome people in the process.  WOOHOO!
Yesterday we got to watch the Women’s Conference (IN ENGLISH woohoo!) and i LOVED IT.  I’ve also been thinking a bunch about the pre-mortal life, and like what we were doing before.  And like, we were totally preparing to come here.  We probably walked and talked with Heavenly Father, maybe even laughed with Him, and He probably told us of all that we would have to go through and all that we would become.  The thing is we had to go through the veil.  And forgot it all.  But now is our chance to find out who we can become.  Now we can do all that we can to prepare to live with Him again, so that when we see Him again, He’ll say, “Come, Cassidy” (or fill in your own name there) “there’s a place prepared for you here in my kingdom.”
Love you all so much,
Con amor,
Hermana Strong

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