Vamos Murphy!

Across from Pench
Hna Nelson and Sass
Hellooooo Familia!
I can’t even tell you how much I LOVE this area.  I love serving in the pueblos! There had been elders here for a long time, because practically the whole branch here are women (there’s like 5 men and 40 women hahaha).  So we’ve been working really hard to help them love the hermanas as much as they loved the elders.  And i would say its working!  All the ladies want to wash our clothes and teach us to make cakes and take us to lessons, so woohoo for that!!
I was really nervous about having a companion with less time with me, but it all seems to be going well!  She pretty much understands the language better than I do haha.  But I feel the spirit helping me SO MUCH.  I have like this new found confidence that I definitely didn’t have before, which is really helping me to teach better and relate with the people and actually understand what the spirit is telling me.  When God asks something of you, He’s always right there to help. 
So yesterday after lunch, we weren’t even allowed to leave the apartment ALL DAY because it was the Presidential elections.  It was like a mission wide thing that we couldn’t leave, but kind of frustrating because nothing would have happened here in cute little Murphy (pronounced Moorpy).  We asked someone the other day “are there any areas that are dangerous for us to go to?” and they just laughed and said “nothing ever happens here…” hahah what a relief!  But we watched some cool church movies and ate Argentine cookies because there’s not much else you can do when you’re stuck inside the pench all day as a missionary.
This week we’ve been inviting everyone to pray, and instead of asking for things, just thank God for the things we have… to count our blessings.  We got so caught up inviting everyone to do it, that I realized I hadn’t even done it!  SO the other night I just had a whole hearted gratitude prayer. WOAH I felt so good after!  I don’t know what I did to be SO BLESSED in this life.  I have the best family ever, good health, countless opportunities, and more than anything, the knowledge that Christ lives and loves me! 
I love this church and I love being a missionary! Keep Calm and Be Grateful! (lol sorry that’s cheesy).
Con amor,
Hermana Strong

On The Road Again

mi nueva companera

Yellow sweater 
Old comp
Lady who came to church
Hola Familia!
So shocker… I got transferred AGAIN.  And this time to do my THIRD white wash.  With Hermana Whitworth.  Who just finished her training.  So now I’m the one in charge… AHHHH.  Our area is called Murphy, in the district of Venado Tuerto.  It’s like your driving in the middle of nowhere forever, and suddenly there’s a random little town.  And then you keep driving in the middle of nowhere forever.  That’s our area.  We live right next to this giant field and its the teeeeniest area ever but I’m super excited about it!
The highlight of the week was when we ate COW INTESTINES.  The thing is, they didn’t even tell us that’s what it was.  But it was NOT my favorite and the whole time I was just trying to tell myself it was chorizo or something, but me and my companion were almost positive they gave us intestines. MMMM. 
SO ever since I got here, there has been this menos activa that I was DETERMINED to get to church.  Her husband goes every week, she feeds us lunch all the time and always wants us to do Family Home Evenings with them. And every week we would call her on Saturday night and invite her to church, and she NEVER came.  So… I was beginning to lose hope.  And then on Sunday, we walk into Relief Society… AND SHES THERE.  It was the cherry on top of serving in such an awesome area. 
It was super sad leaving.  I grew to love it so much!  Its hard not being able to stay in an area for very long, because goodbyes are the worst!  I was praying and asking Heavenly Father WHY I’m always transferred and switching companions, because how am I supposed to help the people if I’m never even there long enough?  BUT I think I got the answer that maybe, my purpose has more to do with my companions and than on those WITH whom I’m serving.  Everyone’s missions are super different.  And sometimes I fall into comparing my mission to other missionaries and then it kind of brings me down.  But its all the same work and everyone has their own distinct purpose for their mission.  And its the same with life: everyone’s lives are super different.  We all have a distinct purpose, and sometimes we waste time comparing ourselves to other people and think we can’t do it, but God knows better than anyone else, and that’s all that really matters!
Love you all so much!  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!
Que Dios les bendiga!
Hermana Strong

Saving Souls and Saving Lives



Celestial Field

Holaaaa Familia!

Okay so the biggest event of the week was when we SAVED A LIFE.  Here’s how it went: we met this awesome lady a few weeks back in the park, and then the other day we finally found her in her house and had this awesome lesson with her.  So Saturday morning we go back, and on the way there we’re talking about how we’re going to invite her to be baptized and what not.  And then we get to her house, and she’s outside in her yard talking on the phone and crying.  But she still lets us in her yard and continues her conversation.  But gradually she just keeps getting more and more upset.  And we’re trying to comfort her, and she starts yelling and saying things like how she doesn’t want to live and SUDDENLY she FAINTS.  And we tried to catch her, but shes a bigger lady and so we couldn’t and she hit her head on the cement and was just laying there.  SO me and my companion just look at each other like, WHAT DO WE DO!  So my companion runs next door to ask help from the neighbors and I stayed with her trying to like help her, but I don’t have that nursing gene in me so I think I probably just made her worse. So then the ambulance comes and takes her away… And we STILL don’t even know if shes okay.  But it was definitely a freaky experience and we’ve been praying mucho that shes okay.  Now I know what it was like for the people I fainted around haha.
So since that was the grandest thing that happened this week everything else is going to seem BORING.  But anyways, the other day we were just kind of in bleh moods.  And then all of our appointments fell through.  And nobody was home.  So we just started walking.  And we start walking this dirt road and suddenly, we find this field.  And I’m pretty sure that’s what heaven will be like because it was just filled with rolling hills and yellow flowers and it was GORGEOUS.  So then we were like, anyone who lives with this view has to be celestial.  So we contacted the houses there.  And everyone was so nice!  Just when you re on the brink of giving up, Heavenly Father always puts something to help you keep going.
So something I’ve been trying to improve is my personal prayers.  Because sometimes it gets kind of monotonous, or we forget that we are LITERALLY talking to Heavenly Father.  So in my nightly prayers, I’ve been going in another room as my companion to pray out loud.  And WOAH it really does strengthen your relationship with the Lord.  At first it was definitely awkward, but the more that I’m doing it, the more that I can truly feel that He’s there and that He’s listening.  Our personal relationship with God is one of the most important things we have!  And I think it’s something I’ve always taken for granted.  But luckily, He’s always there waiting for us to make the decision to come unto Him.
Love you all more than you know! The church is true and Christ lives!
Hermana Strong

Are You Girls Nuns?


Hola Familia!!!!

Well I’m officially HALFWAY DONE can you believe it??  To celebrate we went on a road trip to Pergamino (well we had divisions, but it was a long trip so it felt like a cool get away).  While on the bus ride there, all of these little kids get on the bus, but there wasn’t enough seats for them all.  This like 10 year old girl was standing next to me, and then she just starts staring at me, and then staring at my name tag.  And then she starts whispering something to her friends, and continues to just STARE at me.  So finally I’m like “holaaa” and she says… “are you girls nuns?”.  NUNS?!  haha the only difference about us is our name tags and skirts!   Anyways, we proceed to tell them that NO we are not nuns, we are missionaries.  And then her and all her little friends just crowd around us and start asking us all these questions and I felt so
vulnerable because there was literally no escape.  But hopefully it was able to plant a seed for them.
Also we were eating lunch outside on our balcony, and we were eating mayonnaise with our french fries (they eat mayonnaise with everything here, so now I eat with everything, whats happened to me!)  Anyways, my companion suddenly goes “oh noooo” and I see that she has a white spot on her skirt.  So I’m like “ah just lick it off, its mayonnaise.”  And she goes  “No its bird poop!”  OOPS haha at least it wasn’t me! (and apparently I need to develop more charity haha)
So conference this week was AWESOME.  We got to watch Saturday in English, but Sunday was all in Spanish because we watched it with our branch.  My eyes hurt so bad after conference… I’m not used to so much screen time haha.  We invited everyone beforehand to ask a question so that it could be answered during the talks.  Pretty much every single one of my questions got answered in President Uchtdorf’s talk. (the very first one haha) Haha the Lord works quick!  I also LOVED all the talks about the women.  Weren’t Elder Holland and Elder Nelson’s talks amazing?  All of the American missionaries were watching the talks together and after Elder Holland’s talk it was just SILENCE.  Shout out to all of the WONDERFUL mothers out there (especially my own!!!)
Even though we live in hard times.  Even though the world is becoming worse and worse (and I don’t even think I know the worst of it since I live in my bubble for now)  God doesn’t just leave us out to dry.  God gives us the resources necessary so that we can return to Him.  He gives us a PROPHET to teach us and guide us.  He gives us the HOLY GHOST to comfort us and lead us by the hand.  He gives us the SCRIPTURES to learn His will.  He gives us PRAYER so that we can speak directly to Him.  He gave us HIS SON so that one day we could return to Him.  Heavenly Father knows we can make it through.  He’s rooting for us so that we do!  Keep pushing and remember that God loves each and every one of us so much!!!
Con muchisimo amor,
Hermana Strong