Are You Girls Nuns?


Hola Familia!!!!

Well I’m officially HALFWAY DONE can you believe it??  To celebrate we went on a road trip to Pergamino (well we had divisions, but it was a long trip so it felt like a cool get away).  While on the bus ride there, all of these little kids get on the bus, but there wasn’t enough seats for them all.  This like 10 year old girl was standing next to me, and then she just starts staring at me, and then staring at my name tag.  And then she starts whispering something to her friends, and continues to just STARE at me.  So finally I’m like “holaaa” and she says… “are you girls nuns?”.  NUNS?!  haha the only difference about us is our name tags and skirts!   Anyways, we proceed to tell them that NO we are not nuns, we are missionaries.  And then her and all her little friends just crowd around us and start asking us all these questions and I felt so
vulnerable because there was literally no escape.  But hopefully it was able to plant a seed for them.
Also we were eating lunch outside on our balcony, and we were eating mayonnaise with our french fries (they eat mayonnaise with everything here, so now I eat with everything, whats happened to me!)  Anyways, my companion suddenly goes “oh noooo” and I see that she has a white spot on her skirt.  So I’m like “ah just lick it off, its mayonnaise.”  And she goes  “No its bird poop!”  OOPS haha at least it wasn’t me! (and apparently I need to develop more charity haha)
So conference this week was AWESOME.  We got to watch Saturday in English, but Sunday was all in Spanish because we watched it with our branch.  My eyes hurt so bad after conference… I’m not used to so much screen time haha.  We invited everyone beforehand to ask a question so that it could be answered during the talks.  Pretty much every single one of my questions got answered in President Uchtdorf’s talk. (the very first one haha) Haha the Lord works quick!  I also LOVED all the talks about the women.  Weren’t Elder Holland and Elder Nelson’s talks amazing?  All of the American missionaries were watching the talks together and after Elder Holland’s talk it was just SILENCE.  Shout out to all of the WONDERFUL mothers out there (especially my own!!!)
Even though we live in hard times.  Even though the world is becoming worse and worse (and I don’t even think I know the worst of it since I live in my bubble for now)  God doesn’t just leave us out to dry.  God gives us the resources necessary so that we can return to Him.  He gives us a PROPHET to teach us and guide us.  He gives us the HOLY GHOST to comfort us and lead us by the hand.  He gives us the SCRIPTURES to learn His will.  He gives us PRAYER so that we can speak directly to Him.  He gave us HIS SON so that one day we could return to Him.  Heavenly Father knows we can make it through.  He’s rooting for us so that we do!  Keep pushing and remember that God loves each and every one of us so much!!!
Con muchisimo amor,
Hermana Strong

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