Saving Souls and Saving Lives



Celestial Field

Holaaaa Familia!

Okay so the biggest event of the week was when we SAVED A LIFE.  Here’s how it went: we met this awesome lady a few weeks back in the park, and then the other day we finally found her in her house and had this awesome lesson with her.  So Saturday morning we go back, and on the way there we’re talking about how we’re going to invite her to be baptized and what not.  And then we get to her house, and she’s outside in her yard talking on the phone and crying.  But she still lets us in her yard and continues her conversation.  But gradually she just keeps getting more and more upset.  And we’re trying to comfort her, and she starts yelling and saying things like how she doesn’t want to live and SUDDENLY she FAINTS.  And we tried to catch her, but shes a bigger lady and so we couldn’t and she hit her head on the cement and was just laying there.  SO me and my companion just look at each other like, WHAT DO WE DO!  So my companion runs next door to ask help from the neighbors and I stayed with her trying to like help her, but I don’t have that nursing gene in me so I think I probably just made her worse. So then the ambulance comes and takes her away… And we STILL don’t even know if shes okay.  But it was definitely a freaky experience and we’ve been praying mucho that shes okay.  Now I know what it was like for the people I fainted around haha.
So since that was the grandest thing that happened this week everything else is going to seem BORING.  But anyways, the other day we were just kind of in bleh moods.  And then all of our appointments fell through.  And nobody was home.  So we just started walking.  And we start walking this dirt road and suddenly, we find this field.  And I’m pretty sure that’s what heaven will be like because it was just filled with rolling hills and yellow flowers and it was GORGEOUS.  So then we were like, anyone who lives with this view has to be celestial.  So we contacted the houses there.  And everyone was so nice!  Just when you re on the brink of giving up, Heavenly Father always puts something to help you keep going.
So something I’ve been trying to improve is my personal prayers.  Because sometimes it gets kind of monotonous, or we forget that we are LITERALLY talking to Heavenly Father.  So in my nightly prayers, I’ve been going in another room as my companion to pray out loud.  And WOAH it really does strengthen your relationship with the Lord.  At first it was definitely awkward, but the more that I’m doing it, the more that I can truly feel that He’s there and that He’s listening.  Our personal relationship with God is one of the most important things we have!  And I think it’s something I’ve always taken for granted.  But luckily, He’s always there waiting for us to make the decision to come unto Him.
Love you all more than you know! The church is true and Christ lives!
Hermana Strong

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