On The Road Again

mi nueva companera

Yellow sweater 
Old comp
Lady who came to church
Hola Familia!
So shocker… I got transferred AGAIN.  And this time to do my THIRD white wash.  With Hermana Whitworth.  Who just finished her training.  So now I’m the one in charge… AHHHH.  Our area is called Murphy, in the district of Venado Tuerto.  It’s like your driving in the middle of nowhere forever, and suddenly there’s a random little town.  And then you keep driving in the middle of nowhere forever.  That’s our area.  We live right next to this giant field and its the teeeeniest area ever but I’m super excited about it!
The highlight of the week was when we ate COW INTESTINES.  The thing is, they didn’t even tell us that’s what it was.  But it was NOT my favorite and the whole time I was just trying to tell myself it was chorizo or something, but me and my companion were almost positive they gave us intestines. MMMM. 
SO ever since I got here, there has been this menos activa that I was DETERMINED to get to church.  Her husband goes every week, she feeds us lunch all the time and always wants us to do Family Home Evenings with them. And every week we would call her on Saturday night and invite her to church, and she NEVER came.  So… I was beginning to lose hope.  And then on Sunday, we walk into Relief Society… AND SHES THERE.  It was the cherry on top of serving in such an awesome area. 
It was super sad leaving.  I grew to love it so much!  Its hard not being able to stay in an area for very long, because goodbyes are the worst!  I was praying and asking Heavenly Father WHY I’m always transferred and switching companions, because how am I supposed to help the people if I’m never even there long enough?  BUT I think I got the answer that maybe, my purpose has more to do with my companions and than on those WITH whom I’m serving.  Everyone’s missions are super different.  And sometimes I fall into comparing my mission to other missionaries and then it kind of brings me down.  But its all the same work and everyone has their own distinct purpose for their mission.  And its the same with life: everyone’s lives are super different.  We all have a distinct purpose, and sometimes we waste time comparing ourselves to other people and think we can’t do it, but God knows better than anyone else, and that’s all that really matters!
Love you all so much!  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!
Que Dios les bendiga!
Hermana Strong

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