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Hippies and the Yellow Missionary

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Hola Familiaaaa!

Como estaaaan!?  This week was fun and busy!  We had a “baile” or dance for a branch activity and it was “retro” themed.  SUPER fun until we had to leave after like an hour.  Plus, everyone showed up like 2 hours late and stayed until like 1 in the morning, so we were already fast asleep by the time the party really got started.  But we still had time to sport our hippie wear (it’s a good thing I’ve lived in Ojai my whole life) and take fun pics!
The other day we went to visit this family who is recently coming back to church, and they have a son whose 8, so we asked him if he had been baptized yet and his eyes get all big, and he’s like “NO, I HAVEN’T.”  And then he runs into the kitchen and says “MOM, I FORGOT TO GET BAPTIZED!” hahaha we like died laughing, so now we are helping him prepare, and I just wish everyone we taught was like him!
Highlight of the week was when I received a letter from Vanesa and Brisa, who got baptized with me a few months back.  I died laughing when Vanesa told me that her three old daughter says she misses the “yellow missionary”, meaning the blonde missionary hahhaha.  But she also told me that her HUSBAND is now baptized and that they have never been happier by living the gospel.  THERE IS NOTHING LIKE SEEING THE CHANGES THAT THE GOSPEL BRINGS.  I have such a testimony that when we follow Christ, we are HAPPY and I love having this opportunity to help others follow HIM.  I read a scripture this week that hit me SO HARD in Alma 29:13.  God has called me at this time and in this moment to preach His word.  And He promises me with His help and His spirit and His guidance.  What a privilege!!
I love the Book of Mormon, I love Jesus Christ.
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Strong

Fireflies and Catwalks


Heyyyy Family!!

Hows everyone doing?!  This week was awesome.  I love this area more and more everyday!  Did you know they have FIREFLIES here?!   ITS SO COOL.  Also this week we did divisions with our Sister Training Leaders. Extra fun since my training leader is now Hermana Campbell (my red head trainer).  We had too much fun reminiscing old times in Alberdi and celebrating Halloween/10 months in the mission! (can you believe its already been that long?!)
Divisions are always awesome though because we always see a ton of miracles, and a ton of funny things as well.  So like every afternoon there’s always a whole ton of kids at this park that we always have to walk by to get anywhere.  And every time we walk by they always like corner us until we give them pass a long cards.  So the other day we were walking by, and they tell me that they want me to do a runway walk because I’m tall.  And I was like, no, I’m a missionary, missionaries don’t catwalk!  So then they start chanting for me to do it, and then they steal my books.  And I was so embarrassed because I didn’t want people to think weird of the missionaries.  So finally I take like two steps with my hands on my hips and then made them give me back my books.  Manipulative little children thought they were so funny… haha.
The people here are WONDERFUL and I just keep growing in love with them more and more each day.  We’ve been trying to do little acts of service for people lately, like little notes for people’s birthdays or helping them wash the dishes after they feed us lunch…and its true when they say that service is the key to happiness.  Like as a missionary, we’re constantly serving people.  But I feel like sometimes we forget the reason why we’re serving. SO my goal for the week is to actively serve and to do it, not because that’s what I was called to do, but because I truly love the people and want them to feel the love of Jesus Christ.  It’s SUCH a privilege to be a representative of HIM.  “I’ll miss pointing to my name, and finding His there too.”
Love you all oh so much!  The church is true!
Con amor,
Hermana Strong