Hellooooo Familia!

Well it was the last week of transfers and an eventful one for sure. The beginning of the week was a little bit rough for me, as my mind was with the family and not completely in Argentina. BUT everytime I went out worked (especially when I wasnt fully feeling it), Heavenly Father blessed us with a miracle and helped me continue forward.
All in all there were still some funny experiences. The other day we went with a member to visit a family, and one of the little kids asked me if I had farted. I didnt understand her and said “siiii!” It wasn’t until after the lesson that the member told me of my mistake and now this family probably thinks I’m really gross haha ooooops!
Also we were doing practices with some members, and they were practicing teaching us the Word of Wisdom. Trying to make it more real, I said “I smoke a lot, how can I quit?”.. and then their 6 year old daughter´s eyes get all big and she says “THE MISSIONARY SMOKES?!”. So now that’s probably a rumor going around Murphy that the missionary smokes. Dang it!
Sunday was the best day ever. First of all, we traveled to Venado for District Conference (like Stake Conference, but we’re still not quite a stake.) A ton of people came and we were SO EXCITED that they were able to hear from Presidente Zanni, because he is aweeesomeee. I also received a package full of new clothes… They’re actually clean and soft: what a novelty!! AND… Mateo remembered to get baptized!!! (in case you forgot, he’s the little boy that told his mom he forgot to get baptized hahahah). It just felt like Christmas because of all of the fun events we got to have. An awesome finish to an awesome transfer!!
Oh and if you didn’t notice, I’m STILL IN MURPHY!! This is the first transfer in 11 months where I havent had a new companion or a new area or something new. It was also the first full Monday I’ve ever worked so that was really weird and I didnt know how to handle it haha.
Aaaand, if you haven’t seen the new Mormon Message, “A Savior is Born”, you HAVE to watch it. I am so excited for this month of December, to help everyone remember the true meaning of Christmas. We’re inviting EVERYONE to choose an attribute of Christ to improve in this month, so that as we remember the birth of our Savior, we can all become a little more like HIM in the process. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father, for sending HIS Son to rescue us. I hope that we can all remember HIM and all that He’s done for us in this month of December, and in every day afterward.
I know that our Savior lives and loves us!!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Strong

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