Street Bands and Dead Cows





Hola Familia!!!
Como andan? This week was super great because we found a ton of new people to work with that are AWESOME! Thats the fun thing about a new transfer is that God puts the chosen ones in your path. LOVE IT.
So we’re teaching this girl, and she lives with her boyfriend, who is a butcher, and they live where he does the butchering (is that even how you say that?) Anyways, they always invite us over to eat, but usually when we arrive, there’s still like dead cows hanging there. And there’s usually still blood on the floor as we eat. Like it’s cool and all, to have the other part of what youre eating for lunch literally hanging out next to you hahaha.
There’s also this cool thing in Murphy called “Murga” (translated means “Street Band”) and its like a group of people that play the drums and saxophone and a whole bunch of other sweet instruments in the park and people like brake dance to it. ITS SO SWEET. A bunch of members are part of it, and this week in Murphy it was like a giant Murga festival, so a bunch of street bands from all over came to play too. Murphy was just a big giant party, too bad we were in the apartment by 8:30 haha.
This week in my reading of the Book of Mormon I got to 3rd Nephi, when Christ is in the Americas.And my favorite part is in 3rd Nephi 17, when Jesus is getting ready to leave, but then He decides to stay a little longer with the people. And He invites those who are whole to bring the sick and afflicted to Him. And so they all come to Him. And He heals the sick. And all those that helped the sick come to Him arrive at His feet, as well. When we are helping others come unto Christ, we can arrive to Him as well, and taste of the same blessings and the same power. I hope we can all help EVERYONE come a little closer to Christ in this Christmas season, through the little things and the example and light that we are to others.
Love you all. Christ Lives.
Hermana Strong


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