Conferences, Weddings and Stalking




This week was busyyyy.  On Wednesday, we had this giant conference, and a member of the 70, Elder Ferreira (from Chile) came. I learned so much from him, his wife and the Zannis!  They are all truly inspired of God, and it’s amazing to learn from them and from the spirit.  After their talks, there was a worldwide broadcast for ALL of the missionaries in the entire world, all watching at the same time.  Some of the apostles and general authorities spoke, and it was a super special feeling as we sang “Called to Serve” to feel the unity of every missionary in the world singing it together.  This is most definitely the Lord’s work and I love being able to be HIS instrument in HIS hands to do it.
Another highlight of the week is that Carlos and Joana got MARRIED, and will be getting baptized this week, if everything goes according to plan!  We weren’t planning on going to the wedding (the weddings here are just in a room at like city hall, and they sign a piece of paper no más) but then at 9:45, we decided to go anyway (the wedding started at 10 in another pueblo.)  So we ran and caught the bus and made it in JUST before they closed the doors.  And it was so special!! They’ve been preparing for baptism/marriage for like 2 YEARS now so I feel suuuper lucky to have been there for these huge and important days in their lives.
Okay so the other day we were waiting outside for our neighbor (who is also a member) to come with us to a lesson.  And she was taking forever to answer the door.  So as we wait, we see this man walk by and he’s like super friendly to us.  And we both look at each other and think “should we talk to him?” and by the time we decide to, he’s like a block away.  So we basically just start running to catch up, and then we lose him.  So I try listening to what the spirit tells me, and we decide to turn left.  And sure enough, we spot him again!  He turns the corner, and we lose him again!!!  I think, we COULD give up, but we’ve already made it this far!  So we keep searching, and suddenly we find him in line for the ATM.  And although it was a crowded line, we contacted him anyway (probably one of the most awkward first impressions I’ve ever made), and hes like the nicest man ever, so lets pray that we can start teaching him and his family!  I never thought the mission would turn me into such a creepy person, but desperate times call for desperate measures haha.
But all in all this week, I think I was able to truly feel the guidance of the spirit.  We’ve been searching and searching to find new people to teach, and even though there were days without success, there were also days with LOTS of success and I cant wait for this week, to be able to continue to teach them.  Like I said before, I am the Lord’s instrument.  And I know that if I’m humble, He will lead me to where I need to be, put the words in my mouth, and give me the revelation I need to do His will.  It’s easier to walk with the Lord than it is to labor against Him.  Missionary work can be difficult, but it’s a lot easier when you have the Lord by your side.
I know Christ’s church is on the earth today!  What a privilege to have it in my life!
Love you all so much!
Hermana Strong

Dirt, Sweat and Tears

Holaaaa Familia!

Okay, this week was a week of adjustments.  I’m not going to lie, Rosario is a lot different than Murphy… They say that this is area is a pueblo, but it’s like 3 times as big as my last area.  I’m having to get in shape again… haha.  The people are also different.  There was one day where we contacted like 10 people, and not one of them accepted us.  BUT it’s okay, it’s all part of the humbling process!
It’s also full of dirt roads here, and with the HEAT and humidity, all I do is sweat. Which means everyday I came home covered in dirt and sweat.  Maybe that’s why everyone rejected me… haha.  But anyway, I came home SUPER ready to take a shower and then… there was no water!!!  Which resulted in me filling up a bucket of water from the hose outside and bathing myself that way.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.
It’s different being with someone that doesn’t speak english.  My jokes aren’t quite as funny to her haha.  But Hermana Vega is super humble and we’re getting a rhythm down together.  She’s only been a member for less than 2 years, so it’s cool to see her testimony growing.  The members here work a LOT with us and are really excited to help, which is the KEY to having success.
This week I learned a lot about patience and humility.  I’m very much of a “let’s go do this now” kind of person, and my companion isn’t.  So it’s interesting coming together and learning from each other. But I know that God puts us where we need to be for a reason.  He knows whats best for us, and gives us the things that teach us and prepare us to be more like Christ.  It’s amazing to be here, and to be able to have so many experiences that I would have never had anywhere else.  To be able to truly come to know my Savior and prepare myself to live with Him again. I know this church is true!
Love always,
Hermana Strong
ps i stink and forgot to take pictures… next week!

Adios, Murphy



DSC01315[1] DSC01304[1] (3) DSC01291[1] DSC01285[1] DSC01261[1]Hi Family,

THIS WEEK WAS SO SO GREAT!!!  It all started with a road trip to Pergamino to do divisions with our sister training leaders.  And I got to work with Hermana Campbell (my trainer) in her last week of the mission!!!  She is so fun and such a great missionary, and it’s craaaazy to see how fast the time flies.
I ALSO did another set of divisions with a mini missionary.  A mini mission is what they do here when we are lacking a missionary, and a youth usually comes and fills in for a few weeks.  SO i got to work with Hermana Bianco, who is from Rosario!!  Nobody was home ALL morning, and i got super sunburnt.. hence the picture. I love tanlines!!
THEN we found out on Saturday night that I was getting TRANSFERRED!! :((((  But Sunday was probably one of the most bitter sweet days I’ve ever had in my life because there were so many miracles and so much heartache to say “chau” to the people I’ve come to love so so much.  One of the greatest miracles of Sunday was that…. KAREN GOT BAPTIZED!!!  We found her and baptized her all in the same transfer. She is one of the most prepared people I’ve ever met.  Our very first lesson with her, we invited her to be baptized, and she told us that she had already prayed about getting baptized, and our invitation to her was the answer to her prayer.  WOAHHH!!!  It wasn’t easy, and she’s had to face a lot of trials, but she’s also changed and grown so much in these past few weeks.  Oh, how I’ll miss her!!
I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much love from or for someone EVER.  Especially from people I just met a few months ago.  I received a ton of gifts, from candy to skirts to journals.  It was so beautiful! I already feel “home sick” for Murphy haha.  But I have the hope that one day I’ll see them all again.  Thats the hope of the gospel… that we will all one day meet again at Jesus’s feet (coming from the saddest song ever haha).  But now it’s on to new adventures!  On to Area Numero 6!!!
I got transferred to Rosario again, to an area called Fray Luis Beltran!  I am also finishing the training of Hermana Vega, who is from Peru!!  She’s super sweet and I can tell we are going to learn a lot from each other!
I love being a missionary, and I love this gospel so much.  I love being able to see the changes that come when we put into practice the the teachings of Christ.  I saw so many miracles in Murphy, after the people trusted in the Lord and did His will.  And now I know their lives will never be the same.  My life will never be the same.
Love you all so much!!!
Hermana Strong




Hi Fam Bam,

The biggest news of the week is that I have officially been out on my mission for a YEAR!!!  This has been the fastest, and longest, most life changing, worthwhile year of my entire life and I’m so grateful for every experience that I’ve had!
New Years was a blast… just kidding we didn’t actually do anything.  We had to come home at 7:00 pm on Thursday and we had planned to make tacos (because its been a YEAR since I’ve eaten tacos!!), but we don’t really have the means to make tacos here (like tortillas are really expensive and there’s no such thing as spicy). So on Thursday afternoon we were telling our convert, Luciano, that we were going to make tacos somehow, and he’s like “it’s so easy you just do this and this and this to make tortillas blah blah blah.”  Easier said than done, I think.  And then LATER, he calls us to tell us that he made the tacos, tortillas from scratch, and it was all hot and ready for us to come eat.  Literally the people are toooo wonderful here!  I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE MURPHY.
Anyways, we were in bed by 11:00 pm on New Years Eve, and rather angry when the whole pueblo started shooting off fireworks at 12:00. DON’T THEY KNOW THE MISSIONARIES ARE SLEEPING?  hahah
Okay, so there’s this lady that was in our branch.  And she was 93 years old, her daughter is the relief society president, and she just got baptized a few MONTHS ago. And she was so wonderful!  We would go to visit her and she would have fruit and candy that she saved for us, sometimes she would dance, and even though we struggled to understand each other, we loved her SO MUCH.  Unfortunately, she passed away last night :(((  And this morning they called us at 10:00 to come to the funeral at 11:00.  And then when we got there, they asked us to speak.  WHAT.  Luckily on the mission I have learned to follow the spirit and be ready for ANYTHING, and it was a truly BEAUTIFUL service.
I’m so happy to be a missionary. I’m so happy to be able to meet such wonderful people and have such new experiences.  The month of December I had decided to focus on developing charity.  And as I went to bed on New Years Eve, I felt like my heart was just overflowing with the love that I feel for the people here.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt such joy before, and that joy truly comes after we lose ourselves in the service of others.  I know I would have never felt this way if I had never come on a mission. It’s been so worth it!!!
Love you all SO MUCH!
Con amor,
Hermana Strong