Expect the Unexpected


Holaaaa Familia!!

I cant even believe that I have a new little nephew!!  And I was completely uninformed and cruising through this entire week like nothing new had even happened haha oh the consequences of being completely disconnected from the world!
I’ve been like suuuuper frustrated lately because I feel like NOBODY understands me (wow that just sounded really dramatic teenager there haha).  But in the sense that nobody understands my accent haha.  I practice and practice my pronunciation but still everyone just gives me these blank stares.  Luckily I have a Latina companion that can translate for me when I need haha.
So on Saturday, we were to have 2 baptisms!  They had just got married the week before, and after like 2 years of listening to the missionaries, Saturday would be the day.  We got to the church early, set up chairs, an hermana that had taught them for a long time traveled like 3 hours to come see it, the font was even filled.  And THEN we get a text message one hour before it’s to start… that they they didn’t feel prepared… and that the baptisms would NOT be happening.  My stomach just like dropped to the floor. I couldn’t even believe it.  So we went straight to their house, and they weren’t there.  And we still haven’t seen them since.  But, as others have been telling me, EVERYTHING happens for a reason.  God knows His children perfectly, and He knows what’s best for them.  And sometimes they use their agency in ways that we don’t want… I think that’s the hardest part, is accepting the decisions of others, even though you KNOW how much it will bless them and you KNOW how much they need the gospel!!  But God has His own plan and His own timing.
I know this church is true and I know that it changes lives!!  I am so grateful for this chance to help others experience the changes and the blessings that the gospel brings! Sometimes its hard to find those people who are prepared and ready to receive these things…. But I know that this gospel is for EVERYONE.  It doesn’t matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, Christ is there for EVERYONE.
Love you all so much!!!
Hermana Strong
ps I forgot to take pictures, so here’s a selfie!

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