Flying Cucarachas and BAPTISMS






This week was a LOT better than last week!  So after the whole cancellation of the baptism happening, we got Presidente Zanni in here to help us out. He came and interviewed Carlos, who had the doubt about baptism in the first place, and I don’t know what he did or what he said, but he came back and said “I’m gonna get baptized this weekend.” AHHHH.  So we kept suuuuper good tabs on them, and on Sunday… THEY GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!  And it was a beautiful baptism!  They are sooo special and truly do have testimonies of the gospel.  I’m so excited to see the blessings their family is going to receive because of this gospel!! (We were also laughing super hard because they’re both so tiny and their baptismal clothes were sooo giant!!)
The President of Argentina happened to be in the same city as the baptism, at the same time as the baptism.  Everyone thought it was a big deal, but like, we had a BAPTISM so that was a little bit more important than the President, am I right?  Just souls being saved and what not.  Sooo much better and sooo much more important.
We also had DIVISIONS this week with our sister training leaders!!  They are sooo great and I learned so much!  I worked with an hermana from PENNSYLVANIA and we found so many new awesome people for the week.  “Open thy mouth, and it shall be filled.”
Also they other day I got out of the shower and there was a FLYING COCKROACH.  Did you know that cockroaches FLY?!  I am discovering the most disgusting bugs and I feel like they just all happen to live in our apartment.  How nice.
Also, highlight of my studies this week was reading about Christ’s suffering in the garden of Gethsemane.  I don’t think I’ll ever FULLY comprehend all that Christ did for me.  But something that I love in the account of Luke, is that an angel came and strengthened Him. Christ was willing to do the will of the Lord, even though it was the HARDEST thing anyone has or ever will have to do, but God didn’t leave Him to do it alone.  He sent ANGELS to strengthen Him!  And it’s the same with us!  When we have to do the will of the Lord, even though sometimes it’s TERRIBLY hard, He sends angels to bear us up and STRENGTHEN us. I know I’ve felt those angels with me many times during the mission, and I’m so incredibly grateful for the strength that I receive knowing that Christ knows me, understands me, and loves me.
Love you all so much!
Hermana Strong

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