Hola Familiaaaa!

Okay so Elder M. Russell Ballard has said that the missionaries need to contact 10 people every single day.  And Presidente Zanni read that, and wanted to know if it meant 10 people per companionship, or 10 people per person.  SO he went straight to the source, and had a friend of his who works in Salt Lake ask Elder Ballard for clarification.  And the answer came back that each missionary must talk to at least 10 new people every day, meaning 20 pero companionship.  THAT IS SO MANY.  And Presidente told us we had to send him a message every single night telling him how many people each of us talked to that day. IT SEEMED SO IMPOSSIBLE TO ME.  But I had to have a Nephi moment and say “I will GO and I will DO what the Lord has commanded.”  Obviously God wasnt going to tell us we had to do something and not make it possible.  And He most definitely opened up the path for us.  We’ve talked to sooo many awesome people this week, and I love it.  I feel like I learn something new from each person we talk to.  Everyone has such a distinct story and their own perspective on life, and it’s amazing to see the LOVE that God has for each of them.
But the greatest miracle of contacting was seeing the changes in my companion.  When I started with her 5 weeks ago, she barely said 2 words… She was sooo shy!!  But this week, as we talked to more and more people, she was approaching like 15 PEOPLE everyday, and doesn’t even want to go home at night so she can keep talking to more people.  It’s so cool to see how the Lord can strengthen our weaknesses!
Also the other day we left and we started talking to this couple outside of their house, and I went to introduce myself, and as I went to motion to my name tag, I realized that it WASNT THERE.  Mini heart attack!!  We like ran home afterward to go  get it, but I just realized how much my nametag shapes who I am in this moment.  Like I constantly have Christ’s name on my chest, right next to my heart.  And all day every day I get to point to HIS name and show others that I am HIS representative.  It’s such a privilege!!!  I’ll miss pointing to my name, and finding His there, too.
I know that He lives and that with Him all things are possible!
Con amor,
Hermana Strong

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