Las Chicas del Señor


too strong

When i went to open my drawer and was toooo strong. “how strong are you? TOO STRONG”


The pictures above is OUR DISTRICT!  We got zone shirts, and they say “if your plan falls through, change the plan, don’t change the goal”



Holaaa Familia!

Well we had transfers and… ZERO CHANGES.  Me and Hermana Vega will continue in Beltran for 8 more weeks! (because this transfer will have two extra weeks!)
Okay so let me tell you about when my worst nightmare happened.  So we get home the other night after a long day of work, and we turn on the light, and our apartment was LITERALLY infested with COCKROACHES. They were flying and crawling all over the walls and I wanted to DIE.  I was standing on top of my chair screaming and spraying RAID everywhere and it was a sight to see.  BUT we took care of them all and found where they come in (through the bathroom drain, EWWW!) and we have not had problems since haha.
Also today we were buying fruit from our neighborly fruit stand, and the boys that work there were like “Ahh the chicas del Señor (the girls of the Lord) we gotta give a deal to the chicas del Señor” and I dont know, it made me laugh out loud a little bit, but I like that title!
Also the other day I realized that it has been 9 YEARS since Weston passed away. The time goes by so fast. But I just think it’s SOOO COOL.  That He is just on the other side of the veil, doing the same thing that I’m doing.  That he’s preaching the gospel and inviting others to come to Christ, as well. And not just him but all my grandparents and great grandparents, etc.  We’re all united in the cause!!  And what peace and joy that brings, right?  To know that God loves us SO MUCH that it isnt the end after this life.  And that ALL people will have the opportunity to accept the gospel.  I was missing Wessy this week but its comforting to know that he’s okay, that he’s happy and that we’re both doing the work of the Lord.
Love you all so much!  God lives and loves us!
Con todo mi amor,
Hermana Strong

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