The Seeds We Sow

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Well, as most of you already know, I HATE my birthday.  But the big TWENTY ONE (oh my gosh im so old) turned out to be pretty sweet. The HIGHLIGHT was getting to listen to an APOSTLE.   David A. Bednar was in Buenos Aires, so we got to watch a live conference and it was INCREDIBLE.  He is most definitely a servant of the Lord and I learned so much, not from him, but from what the spirit was teaching me throughout it all.  Elder Bednar told us not to write large plates (with notes of exactly what is being said) but to write small plates (the spiritual impressions that we receive throughout.)  How many times are we guilty of writing large plates? haha but I was able to learn sooo much more!
Second highlight of the birthday was when a member made me TACOS (my favorite).  And not just any tacos… But since she recently returned from visiting her niece in California, she used taco seasoning from the states.  I felt like I was HOME.  I love the food here in all, but there comes a point where you need a little bit of home for a second.
The third highlight of the week was that yesterday was stake conference.  And since I am now in the same Stake that I started in, I got to see a TON of people from my first area in Alberdi.  And not only that, but to see SO MANY miracles that are in the works there.  For example, the first person I saw walking in was a man, whose family are all members of that church, that we taught and taught and invited to church and invited to church.  And he never went to church and never wanted to progress.  Yet yesterday he was there with his family and it was the most beautiful thing in the world.
Next example is another man we taught, who went to church every week and we worked so hard so that he could get baptized, but never could because his wife still wasnt divorced and they couldnt get married so as to be keeping all the commandments.  BUT they came up to me to tell me that they are getting MARRIED and he is getting BAPTIZED on Thursday.  SO AWESOME.  And these are just a few of the MANY miracles I saw.  Which just was such a tender mercy.  Before, when I looked back at my time in Alberdi, I felt like I didnt actually do much.  But yesterday made me see that during my time there, I was sowing seeds.  And God gave me the blessing of seeing some of the fruits begin to blossom.
I love the mission so much.  There were so many moments where I fought against the decision to serve, but I’m so grateful to have followed the spirit, to have this chance to be here in Argentina, to come to know and love such AMAZING people, and to come to truly know my Savior Jesus Christ.  I know He lives and that He loves each and every one of us.
With all my love,
Hermana Strong

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