Do You Love Me? Feed My Sheep



DSC01441[1]Hola Familia!

Like last week, I can’t even remember what happened this week.  The weeks go by too fast!!  But it was really weird because it was really cold (okay, cold in terms of Argentina, not in terms of Idaho) but it was really refreshing because I was getting kind of sick of being sweaty and frizzy 24\7.
The other day I was sitting at my desk studying and we had the window open, and I hear these guys walk by and they say “fue una loca de los estados unidos” or in other words “it was a crazy girl from the states” and I was like “oh my gosh how do they know where I live?” and then I realized, maybe they aren’t actually talking about me.  But there aren’t very many other yankees here so who knows haha.
Also, I saw this lady sitting outside reading the Bible.  And i was like “ah, perfect opportunity to give her a Book of Mormon!”  So I’m like running over there super excited, and my companion keeps trying to stop me, and I was super confused why.  And then I look up and realized that she was sitting outside of an evangelica church, and looked a little closer and realized that she was probably the pastor.  And since we aren’t allowed to proselyte in other churches, I realized that contacting the pastor wasn’t a good idea.  Maybe next time!
Okay so this week I was reallyyy studying the last chapter of John.  Christ has already been resurrected, but He’s not around anymore, and the apostles had no idea what to do.  So they go back to their old lives, to what they know best: fishing.  So then Christ comes back and Him and Peter start having a conversation.  And man, I just really love Peter.  We see so many of his weaknesses and downfalls in the New Testament (like as he walked on the water, and doubted; when he denied Christ 3 TIMES; and now he hadn’t kept the church going).  But as hes talking with Christ, Jesus asks him, “Do you love me?”  And Peter is like “duh, of course I love you”.  And Christ proceeds to make the same question twice more, and Peter continues with the same answer “Yes.”  And Jesus tells him: FEED MY SHEEP.  Christ trusted Peter to be His true disciple.  It didn’t matter to Him the mistakes that he had made, and Christ didn’t see him for those things.  Christ saw him for his potential, for who he could become.  Christ knew that Peter would become one of the greatest missionaries to walk this earth.  And Christ knows that, even though maybe we’ve fallen or are discouraged, that we still have the potential to do great things.
This week I was a little bit discouraged, but then I had to ask myself the same question that Christ asked Peter… Do I love Him?  That always gives me a little extra animo.
Love you all so much! Christ lives.  WATCH THE NEW VIDEO.  In Christ, we can have new life!!!
Con cariño,
Hermana Strong
ps this picture makes me laugh because I’m a giant next to my companion haha

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