Are those bed sores? I’m like 90 years old!


Sorry to freak you all out last week, but man, it was a rough week!!  Luckily Hermana Gneiting, who has been my companion this week, took VERY good care of me.  She just recently finished her training but has had to use the past week to be my personal nurse, but she was so patient and great.  She washed my dirty clothes (because did I mention that I’ve been in Rosario this whole time and brought a change of clothes for ONE DAY.  I’m on Day 7 of being here). S he also cooked for me and even watched me and sympathized with me as I threw up the food she had just made me into a bucket.  I’m grateful for Christ like people.
So I basically didn’t leave my bed until Sunday for church (and I felt like I was beginning to get bed sores so leaving my bed was definitely much needed, hahah I’m like 90 years old).  But I felt so weak, physically and spiritually.  I don’t think I realized how much I have the spirit with me everyday, so to suddenly not have that spirit with me so strongly, and not be able to sit down and read my scriptures or go out to teach, or simply not having the strength to kneel down and pray, was major difficult.  But when we went to church, and I took the Sacrament, it was as though I could feel the prayers of all of you, of the other missionaries, of the members here.  And I felt so strongly the spirit, telling me that Christ really does know me, that He also suffered this small little sickness, and that He had given me the strength to get over it.
I just feel like I never cease to understand more and more the Atonement of Jesus Christ in my life.  But I’m grateful for that.  The most important thing I’ve learned on my mission is of the power of His Atonement, and it’s because of Christ’s Atonement that I’m here.  I know that He lives, and that He loves us.
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Wimp (I don’t think I can take on the name Strong after last week’s wimpiness)


The cow’s heart is actually really tasty



Hello family!

Well now that I have 15 and a half months in the mission, I thought I would share a few things I’ve learned here in the mission:
1. Time literally doesn’t exist. The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days, and suddenly you look up and realize its already the middle of April.  How did that happen?
2. Panaderias (or bakeries) always happen to be on the way to church, and always smell extra yummy on fast Sundays.
3. Cleanliness is next to godliness.  For reals though, a clean apartment is a spiritual apartment.
4. The cow’s heart is actually really tasty, and currently my new favorite food!
5. When you have to hang your clothes out to dry, and it rains for 11 days straight, you just naturally have to live in dirty clothes and pray that nobody smells you!
6. The Book of Mormon is EVERYTHING. If you’re sad, read the Book of Mormon.  If you’re happy, read the Book of Mormon. If you’re bored, read the Book of Mormon. If you need answers, read the Book of Mormon.  If you want to feel close to the Lord, READ THE BOOK OF MORMON.  For real, its everything.
7. Presidente and Hermana Zanni are the most inspired people ever, and Zone Conferences with them just teach you how to be more like Christ!
8. The mission is full of life lessons, and everything that happens is just preparation for the real world.
And in all honesty, I am sooo grateful to be a missionary and for the countless lessons that I’ve learned in such a short time. I’m glad that Heavenly Father gave me the opportunity to serve, because it was something that I didn’t want to do, but HE knew just how much I needed these experiences. He knows us perfectly!!
Love you all so much! The church is true!
Con amor,
Hermana Strong

Did this week even happen?

DSC01495[1] (1)
DSC01517[1] (1)
This week was crazy but awesome and I’m pretty sure we worked in our area for a total of like 5 minutes haha.
First of all, we had to go to Rosario to do foreigner stuff for my companion, but we got to eat McDonald’s which was a plus.  Except that McDonald’s is SUPER expensive here.  Where’s my dollar Big Mac?
We also had divisions with our sister training leaders.  I was with Hermana Christensen, who’s basically my big sister in the mission and all I remember from doing divisions this time was eating chocolate popcorn and taking pictures in front of the Victoria Bridge.
We also got to watch GENERAL CONFERENCE! For real, the anticipation for general conference is even higher than Christmas and TOTALLY exceeded my expecations!!!  On Saturday we went to the Stake Center, so I got to watch it in english (woohoo!) and in between sessions we were talking with a member from another ward, and we somehow figured out that we both knew Marlen (from Murphy!!!), and that she happened to be in Rosario (Rosario is like 3 hours away from Murphy) so we somehow informed her that she needed to come to that specific church building, and SHE CAME!  Major miracle , because I thought I would never see her again.  And the other part of the miracle is that she had just submitted her mission papers the day before!!  When I met her like 5 months, a mission was just a good idea.  And now, shes like one step away from putting her missionary name tag on. SO COOL seeing how others progress!!
And in case you were wondering what Hermana Strong’s favorite conference talk was, it would have to be that of Elder Holland!! (shocker, right?)  Beforehand, I had prepared questions, with the hope that they would be answered during conference.  And up until the last session, I had received answers to all of them, except for one!  And all through the last session, I was waiting to find the answer, all up until Elder Holland started speaking, and WOAH, the entire talk was exactly what I needed to hear: “KEEP TRYING. KEEP TRUSTING. KEEP BELIEVING. KEEP GROWING. HEAVEN IS CHEERING YOU ON TODAY, TOMORROW AND FOREVER.”
Also, wasn’t the choir like extra beautiful this time?  I kept thinking “wow, this is probably what it sounds like in the Celestial Kingdom”.  Cant wait to find out if that’s right!
Love you all so much! Going on the 3 month stretch! ITS GOING BY TOO FAST!
Con todo mi amor,
Hermana Strong