Are those bed sores? I’m like 90 years old!


Sorry to freak you all out last week, but man, it was a rough week!!  Luckily Hermana Gneiting, who has been my companion this week, took VERY good care of me.  She just recently finished her training but has had to use the past week to be my personal nurse, but she was so patient and great.  She washed my dirty clothes (because did I mention that I’ve been in Rosario this whole time and brought a change of clothes for ONE DAY.  I’m on Day 7 of being here). S he also cooked for me and even watched me and sympathized with me as I threw up the food she had just made me into a bucket.  I’m grateful for Christ like people.
So I basically didn’t leave my bed until Sunday for church (and I felt like I was beginning to get bed sores so leaving my bed was definitely much needed, hahah I’m like 90 years old).  But I felt so weak, physically and spiritually.  I don’t think I realized how much I have the spirit with me everyday, so to suddenly not have that spirit with me so strongly, and not be able to sit down and read my scriptures or go out to teach, or simply not having the strength to kneel down and pray, was major difficult.  But when we went to church, and I took the Sacrament, it was as though I could feel the prayers of all of you, of the other missionaries, of the members here.  And I felt so strongly the spirit, telling me that Christ really does know me, that He also suffered this small little sickness, and that He had given me the strength to get over it.
I just feel like I never cease to understand more and more the Atonement of Jesus Christ in my life.  But I’m grateful for that.  The most important thing I’ve learned on my mission is of the power of His Atonement, and it’s because of Christ’s Atonement that I’m here.  I know that He lives, and that He loves us.
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Wimp (I don’t think I can take on the name Strong after last week’s wimpiness)

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