How Many Areas is too Many Areas?







What a joy to be able to talk to you guys yesterday!!
This week was spent in Parque Field (my companion’s area), so I was able to get to know a lot of the people here and they are WONDERFUL.  I already love them so much!!
Also, one of our sister training leaders is really sick, so they asked us to help them in their area this week.  AREA NUMBER 3 for the week!!  My companion stayed in with the sick hermana, and I went out and worked with Hermana Christensen, and it was so great!  We had a bunch of really cool lessons with really great people, and I love to watch as people discover their testimonies of the gospel.  And to see that we all learn and progress at different speeds but in the way that’s best for us!  Its also amazing to see when someone is truly prepared of the Lord and the light in their eyes!  For real, you can tell so much just by looking into someone’s eyes.
We also had a special pday with Hermana Zanni and the hermanas in the mission.  It was super fun, we painted nails and played games and ate a TON.  And at the end Hermana Zanni started talking to us about how we talk very little to our families.  And she wishes she could call us every night and see how we’re doing and encourage us, and help us know that we aren’t alone.  But she can’t.  And we have to have this time to learn to completely rely on the Lord.  To really truly develop and strengthen our relationship with our Heavenly Father.  And along the way the Lord sends us tender mercies, whether it be the scripture verse that speaks right to us, or an act of kindness done for us, or a simple feeling of peace and love in our hearts. I  know I’ve trusted in that a lot on my mission and the Lord has never left me here to do this alone.  And He’ll never leave any of us alone.  He is all knowing and all powerful and yet He gives us, as insignificant as we may feel, the gift of prayer to talk with Him in any moment we need. GOD IS SO GOOD and I love Him so much!!
I love the mission and I love this church and I love my Savior!
Con cariño,
Hermana Strong

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