“Your Hot Dog looks nice today”


Well this week we worked in my area and it was a good time, except the fact that my companion started getting sick and we had to stay home a little bit… even more time lost in my area.  But, its okay!!  The Lord continues to bless us!
My companion recently bought a pancho, so shes been wearing it around.  But the word for pancho here is “poncho”.  And its really important that you say “poncho” because if you say “pancho” it means “hot dog”.  But we keep slipping up and then it comes out to “hey hermana go put on your hot dog” or “my hot dog keeps me really warm” and things like that, and then when we’re around members or investigators they just look at us like “WHAT?” hahaha oops!
I also did divisions with a member from a different ward, who served her mission in Temple Square and it was so crazy speaking english with her and comparing how DIFFERENT our missions are from each other.  Like I’ve spent my mission walking on dirt roads while she spent her mission giving tours of the temple grounds.  But I just think it’s really cool that even though there’s a difference, it’s all the same, because we’re in the same service of the Lord, and as long as we do our part in whatever we are called to do, the Lord is pleased with us.
And no matter what we are called to do, we are given the opportunity to learn specific things that prepare us for so much more.  I’m so grateful for my knowledge of the gospel and of the Plan of Salvation.  I know that we can be with our families forever, and I’m so grateful for that!
Love you all so much!
Hermana Strong

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