War Counsel and things I love about Argentina






Here are few things on my mind this week…

Argentine Culture:
1. If they don’t have enough change for you, instead of giving you coins they give you little pieces of candy. YUM.
2. There are stop signs but nobody uses them so I think they are just for decoration.
Small World:
Me and my companion discovered this week that we were friends for a day at BYU-I before the mission and we had both completely forgotten about each other. And now 2 years later we are companions in Argentina.. the world is so small!!
War Counsel:
Once a month the leaders in the mission have conference with Presidente Zanni, where they talk about how we can become better missionaries and help the mission in itself improve.  And this month I had the privilege of being invited for the first time and it was really spiritual and we talked a lot about working with members and about the current mission goal of every single companionship having a baptism in the month of June.  Please pray for us to reach our goal!!
Spiritual Thought:
Current scripture that I love is in Moroni 8, when Mormon is talking to his son Moroni, and he tells him that “perfect love casteth out all fear”.  When we love others, we aren’t afraid to share with them what we believe.  When we love others, we aren’t afraid to invite others to repent. When we love others, we are willing to do what it takes to help them come closer to the Lord.  I’ve had a lot of moments where I’ve let fear get in the way of helping someone else.  But as I learn more about charity and pure Christ like love, I find the strength to overcome those fears.
I love you all so much!!
–Hermana Strong

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