When Presidente Broke the Door Down






Okay so let me tell you what happened yesterday.  We got home from church, and I went in to go use the bathroom.  As I went to leave the bathroom, the door wouldn’t open.  So I thought my companion was like playing a joke and locked it on me or something.  But no… the door handle was broken!!!  So she tried to open it, and it wouldn’t open from the outside either.  And so we’re pulling and pushing and nothing is happening… I WAS LOCKED IN THE BATHROOM.  Which is really embarrassing and we were embarrassed to have to call someone for help.  So first we decided to call Hermana Zanni.  She didn’t answer.  We call Presidente Zanni.  He doesn’t answer.  So we call our district leader.  And he just starts LAUGHING at us, and really couldn’t do anything because he’s like an hour away.  So by then its been like 45 minutes that I’m stuck in this stupid bathroom.  (Luckily I had some Liahonas to read to keep me busy).  So we send a message to Presidente saying “my companion is stuck in the bathroom, what do we do?” I wonder if he’s ever gotten a message like that?  So he like IMMEDIATELY calls us and tells us he’s on his way to come and help me out.  SO him and Hermana Zanni come, and Presidente uses his credit card and man strength to break the door open for me.  And an hour and a half later I was free… IT WAS SO EMBARRASSING.
We also had divisions this week. We went to San Nicolas and I worked with Hermana Cruz from MEXICO.  She made us pico de gayo and it was SO YUMMY.
I have super mixed feelings about coming home, but I know that the Lord is helping me to prepare for the next step and to finish strong at the same time.  I was able to have experiences this week where God used people I least expected to be His instruments, and tell me what I needed to hear and to see me for my potential.  It’s such a special experience to truly be His instrument and to see how He uses others to show us His love for me.  I love the Lord and I love this church! It’s not always easy being a missionary.  It’s not always easy being a follower of Christ.  But is it worth it?  WITHOUT A DOUBT.
I love you all so much!!  And I’m excited to see you all soon!
Con cariño,
Hermanita Strong💜

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