Chau, Argentina (in a week, but STILL!)


BREAKING NEWS is that starting next week, it will be a requirement for all of the hermanas in our mission to wear pants because of the dengue outbreak.  HOW AWKWARD.  Luckily I leave next week, SAVED BY THE BELL, so I got out of that one (whoam I even going to give away all of my skirts to now?!)  But today we had to go to Rosario so that ALL the hermanas could get fitted for new pants.  Which ended up turning into a giant lunch and hang out with the hermanas.  Which resulted in all of the American missionaries singing the National Anthem and “God Bless the USA”, which resulted in a lot of trunkiness (aka, homesickness), which is actually okay since I get home NEXT WEEK. AHHH I CANT BELIEVE IT.
But since this is the last letter I’ll be sending home, I just want to say how blessed I feel for these last 18 months.  I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by.  I feel full of bitter sweet emotions, sadness for having to leave behind a place and people I’ve grown to love so much, but excitement to see my family and start a new chapter in my life.
My testimony has grown so much.  If there’s two things that I’ve learned more than anything, it’s how to LOVE and the importance of being OBEDIENT to the Lord’s commandments.  As we love others, we find true and lasting joy.  As we are obedient, we are protected and we are blessed. I know this is true.  I have experienced it for myself, and it has carried me through my mission, as I hope it will carry me through my life.
What a blessing it is to share the gospel with others.  Yo sè que el Libro de Mormòn es verdadero y que nos trae paz, gozo y guia.  Yo sè que estamos en la iglesia verdadera y que tenemos la plenitud del evangelio.  Yo sè que Cristo vive, y que gracias a Èl, nosotros tambien podemos vivir con nuestras familias para siempre. Agradezco a mi Padre Celestial por la oportunidad al servirle en este tiempo y realmente llegar a conocerle mas.
It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been completely worth it.
I love you all so much!!!! SEE YOU SOON!!
Con todo mi amor,
Hermana Strong